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I'm loving Dr.Yily work she knows how to sculpt a...

I'm loving Dr.Yily work she knows how to sculpt a women's body :-) is there any ladies going to her in the middle of April ?that's when I'm going because she is all booked up until April so that's fine with me its gives me enough time to do more research and get all the things I need can anybody tell me about the massages how much for them and do you get it done there? I seen on YouTube where a couple women brought little hand ones where they do it themselves and where do you buy the foam to place in the garments?


hey hunn my body is very similar to yours and I'm scheduled to go "under" march 18th!!! please inbox me ur # so i can txt pics as i am not posting them on here 0:) Good Luck!
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My Operation is scheduled for April 11 with Doctor Camilo in Santo Domingo (works in the same clinic as Yily) for April 11. ***I will be staying at Jacqueline's for 6 days, email me at if you want a travel and recovery budy ***
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Welcome to the community:)

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