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LIPO / TT and Possible BBL - Dominican Republic

37 yr old mom of 4 ... Excited like many of you,...

37 yr old mom of 4 ... Excited like many of you, looking forward to it and hope for great results! This has been on my mind for a couple of years now. A good friend had work done I love her results and decided to go with the same DR.
Any advice, tricks and tips will be greatly appreciated. I like looking at before and after pics, many of you look great. Definitely keeps me motivated and eager to get this done.

Before pics...

One more before pic

What Dr did you decide to go with?
With Dr. Jose M Flores from Agusdei.com
Hi congrats what dr are u doing your s x with

More before pics

Hello and sorry I was very busy last week up to the date of surgery which was yesterday early afternoon. Surgery went fine thank God no complications. The doctors ate great and so are the staff. I am swollen - had my first massage drainage and towel bath this morning and I feel better. I physically & mentally prepared. I am doing fine Doc said I was well to go to his recovery house. Great staff! I'll post pics when I can.
Nice :D
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