Im 20 years old with 1child. My body went straight...

Im 20 years old with 1child. My body went straight to hell so im getting it perked back up by Dr Yily . Im getting a tummy tuck with lipo & Bbl . Im looking to go May 1st before school starts back. Anyone else going around that time? Please let me know maybe we can buddy up & save :) im willing to change dates to fit your needs as long as its around the 1st.


My surgery is may 15, in savannah, ga. I am nervous and excited.
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Welcome to the community.  You go girl and get all perked up:)

I hope you find a buddy to go along with you.  Keep us up to date on everything.

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Okay so I've decided to go to Dr Robles . Honestly...

Okay so I've decided to go to Dr Robles . Honestly i got tired of waiting for a response from Yily and Dr Robles is just as good if not better. Anyway i emailed her assistant Raquel and she replied within an hour. Very professional . I will be getting a breast lift with implant tummy tuck lipo on waist and possibly flanks . Im anxious nervous excited scared every feeling you can think of. Im ready to get the body i had when i was 18 (lol 2 years ago, i know ) im arriving in Dominican Republic April 24 & surgery is April25 ill be staying until May 4. Anyone else going around that time ?. Im leaving from Jacksonville Florida its a 5 hour flight there and 6 hour flight back. I would love to meet some of u ladies :)


What are u getting done?
tt, breast lift and implants.
Me too ! . What was your quote? Are u excited?

Soooo I've booked my flight. I will be leaving...

Soooo I've booked my flight. I will be leaving from jacksonville Florida April 24. I start taking the recommended vitamins 3 days ago but i have not started packing yet. I've been on this site and MMH day and night. I am verye happy with my decision to go with Dr Robles :) until next time ladies

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How do i upload photos from my phone ?

How do i upload photos from my phone ?


Hi Sugar! Im heading to Robleso n the 17th (surgery on the 18th)... do u still want to know how to upload your pics?
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Oh okay :) maybe ill see u before u leave..& yessss !! Please tell me how.
What type of phone do you have?

Soooo for the past week or ao ive been emailing Dr...

Soooo for the past week or ao ive been emailing Dr. Duran . She says ahe can do my boobs butt and tummy in one procedure SAFELY as she has done this numerous times with no complications. I havent totally cancelled out Dr. Robles because she is an amazing doctor and i may not even need to getmy butt done if ahe does enough lipo on my love handles and waist. My email from Raquel today will help me with my final decision. I want my body to look like Draya from Basketball wives because likee her i am very petite. 5'1 120lbs...tiny little woman i am..ill let u guys know my final decision once i hear from Raquel :)


So wht did u decide? Robles Duran or yily?
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Duran if she would tell me exact amount of money i need for getting frustrated with her.. If she doesn't get it together im going with Robles . Yily is not an option
I think Duran is starting to gt super busy with these new yily dolls jumping ship nd sum ppl turned off by yilys bad reviews/ post off care/ attentiveness or lack there of. I dnt think IV seen much on Robles but its not like I bn lookin. Ur prob too small for yily to give u sum oomph back there anyway. Good luck babe

Team Robles! Goodnight :)

Team Robles! Goodnight :)

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Where do i get cbc tests done? What exactly do i...

Where do i get cbc tests done? What exactly do i ask them for? Im thinking about going on base to my pcm and jurt getting full bloodwork done. Any suggestions?


You do not need a full blown test. You only need a complete blood count. You don't even have to fast. It's done randomly. The way I did it was, I called my PCP n asked her to order me a CBC test ( I told her I was getting surgery out of the country). I picked up the order at her office I didn't even have to see her, then I went to the clinic yesterday to do my blood work. The results are going to be sent to my PCP so I made an appointment I week n a half later to discuss my results and for her to give me a last check up before I board my flight on the 17th. My appointment with her is on the 8th.
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Im thinking of staying at RH for only 7 days then...

im thinking of staying at RH for only 7 days then hotel for the other 4. has anyone done this before? How was it? im trying to cut back costs because im right on the money line. idk what to do :/ sigh.


I would not recommend you to go to a hotel if you are not going with someone. You will be paying just as much without three meals and without company or help to drain your back. You're going to need to be fed, well fed. You're going to need a chauffeur to take you to see the doctor before you leave and back to the airport. All those things cost. With the package Robles offers you all that is included. You might not be saving any money but creating a headache because then you need to trust somebody to get you food or cook it and take you back n forth to the hotel and a doctors appointment. And you know everything in Dominican republic cost. So really think about it!
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there's nothing to think about ...u just made my decision for me. RH it is :) thank you so much..
Your welcomed!!!

Ok. got ny tests back today...*drumroll please*....

ok. got ny tests back today...*drumroll please* damn hemoglobin is 11.w...fucked up my whole day..i swear im about ready to say fuck this shit... So if that wasnt enough to ruin my day i cant find a recovery home just incase i go with Duran to save my life..everyone i called is booked...sigh :/ im so aggravated...someone help me..i need tips on how to get this hemo level up and a list of recovery homes..PLEASE!!

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I was typing from my phone..hemo is 11.2

i was typing from my phone..hemo is 11.2


Hey sweetie.. Just checking in on ya... Sent you a PM
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Hi there! When you get a chance can you please share how to get your hemo up? I'm going to Robles on 6/3 for Lipo and TT. Blood test next week and I'm trying to stay positive because everything has been going smoothly so far something bound to happen! Thanks and good luck with everything I can't wait to see how everything went!!
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Ugh... You called Jacqueline's and Angelas? Did you try CIPLA? Try airbnb There is another gurl staying there in June and it seems to be a good place.. Its open right now I looked on the calendar before I attached the link... Hope this helps.
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