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Anxiously Waiting to Book - Dominican Republic, DO

I have recieved a quote from Dra Yilly De Los...

i have recieved a quote from Dra Yilly De Los Santos and now that I want to confirm a date I am getting different answers from her office staff.they are rude and are not helpful at all. I have called to send a deposit and one assistant says its not needed the other says you do but doesnt know where to send it to.I email in english and in spanish and have to wait weeks for a responce. I love Yillys work but this process is getting me very aggrivated and the poor work of her staff has me worried. I think I might have to start looking for another PS:(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Just be persistent!!!! Gd luck on ur journey & keep us updated
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Hi n welcome look at ur pm wen u can I sent u sum think tht can hlp and if u want more info or a person to hlp u get to the rite person to tlk to out there hit up Njprbeauty ask her to tlk to sum1 there for u n jz b pation I no the waiting game suxz but it will hppn good luck future doll.. mwahz oxox
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I haven't had very good luck with her either...took weeks to get a quote..then it was for the wrong procedures, so I asked for one again with the right procedures..that was almost 2 weeks ago..don't know what is going on there, she did just have a baby..but that shouldn't effect her staff! I don't think I;ll be going with her either.
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