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Hey everyone!!! im 35 years old with two daughters...

Hey everyone!!! im 35 years old with two daughters. Ive been considering getting surgery for less than a year, but ive finally decided to do it!!! I want to fix my belly, id like a nice round booty and maybe even lift my breasts (36DDD, im only 5ft tall...i dont need that much boob...they hurt my back).

I already purchased my plane ticket, i just havent decided on a doctor. Im torn between Dra. Yily, Dr. Sesto and Dr. Cabral (yes i know his history, but what surgeon doesn't have a history....hes been doing surgery since ive known women to alter their bodies through surgery, and ive personally seen his work)
So i was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about Dr. Sesto and Dra. Yily.

Im also thinking about going to Dra. Duran...

im also thinking about going to Dra. Duran...
dra. yily, dr. sesto or dra. duran

dra. hilario duran or dr, cabral

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How did you get in contact with Cabral? Email or Facebook message?
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i reached him at this email cabralplasticsurg@hotmail.com, and his cellphone 8097072325, office numbers are 8093315050 ext. 501 and 8095656173. he seems pretty good with emails, but phone is a little harder. good luck!!!!
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Hey Hun! If you put Dra Durans name in Facebook and add her you can see alot of work and also on twitter. Her name is Dra Agustina Hilario Duran and her twitter is @drahilariod. She also has instagram lol Her work is gorgeous! I'm also still debating between Cabral & Duran...their work IMO is so similar!! I'm think I'm leaning towards Duran more as she is also the safer alternative lol good luck making a decision!
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thank you!!! yes i have her on fb and twitter
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What do you think about Duran :) Have you also made your decision on your doctor?
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looks like shes great too!!!! its down to duran and cabral but i havent decided yet...in the end it will be a matter of how much money i can spend. i think either one of them will make me look better
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