30yo 2 Children Mommy Makeover - Dominican Republic

So I have to kids and I'm not having anymore. So I...

So I have to kids and I'm not having anymore. So I decided to go to Dominican Republic to get surgery. I've been doing research for about 6 months now. This site has been extremely helpful. I'm going to have surgery with Dr. Rodrigo Escobar from Santiago. If anybody has had surgery with him please let know, I would love to hear your story. I'm very excited and anxious for this to happen. I'm 5'4 I weigh 145. I'm very happy to have curves cause I was 97Ib before my second child. But I have a loose tummy and my breast are saggy. I'm also very concerned due to the fact that I suffer from anemia, my iron is always on the low end. So I'm trying to eat better and maintain a heathy iron level. But I will definitely keep everyone posted on my journey. My goal is to have surgery by July!
Welcome to the community.  Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.  Keep us up to date every step of the way.
Dr. Rodrigo Escobar

I emailed the Doctor and I got a quick response and we emailed through out the day and answered all my questioned so far. I emailed him late so waiting to hear a response by tomorrow.

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