28 Years Old 5'6 Mother on 1 - Dominican Republic, DO

HEllO dolls I'm going stir crazy trying to get a...

HEllO dolls I'm going stir crazy trying to get a flat stomach. Finally I've said enough is enough I'm going to throw money at it! I'm researching getting a TT in the DR. I'm looking your For Input. I've only been out of the country for vacation and the language barrier is crazy when trying to order a burger yet alone ask a Dr for medical instructions. Do you guys have any suggestions on the best doctors to research that would provide the best results.?
My doc here cked metne day I came bckgave me two more weeks off... she is indian. So she understood.... anyproblems you better believe I would havegottenhelp.. start ur primary before u leave tell tnem what you r doing. And your research.. tell them u r makkng an appointment to see them wnenp, you get back.
CinnamonCandi thanks for the advice. I will be in contact with my primary doctor. I'm sure she can lead me in the right direction to ask the plastic sx the best medical questions.
I heard Almonte was good. Look into her. I've seen her work and it's beautiful, very precise. I had my work done over here in the states. Too chicken to take the chance that when I came back home no one would help if I had complications. Good Luck.

Phone consultation with Laura from DR. Robles office

Hi Ladies, I've been in contact with Laura from Dr. Robles office for about 4 or 5 days now. They sent me a very informative email that included the price of the BBL & TT (which was great) and instructions on what to do on the upcoming months b4 the sx. I was so excited to get this packet. But then she told me my weight had to be 180 in order to have both at the same time. Now I'm totally confused because after the sx I wanted to be like 170 or 180 when it was all done. I'm wondering how much will I weight after? I'm a big bone woman and I believe at 150 or 160 I would look strange.

Now I'm thinking that I should stick with my 1st choice of ps which is Dr. Ghurani he told me I need to be at 200lbs in order to have the bbl and then I could come back after at least 9months to have the TT.

I've been working really hard to lose weight to get down to 200lbs by November in order th have my sx. I started at 240 and now I'm down to 222. I hope I can lose the additional 22 lbs next month so I can book my doctor. It's important that I get the sx in November because I will have the time off work to do so. Also because I want to be completely healed by annual ladies trip in July.
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