Getting Ready for my Mommy Makeover! -Dominican Republic

I am new here so far I am planning a makeover with...

I am new here so far I am planning a makeover with my breast, tummy tuck, and bbl with Dr.Estevez Hernandez I have 3 kids all pretty young I am in my late twenties and I also started off with my weight of 127 I am going to gain some weight for the bbl I plan on stopping before my surgery at a goal weight of 145-147 I spoke to Dr.Estevez via email and phone so far he is very informative and he is very patient and seems so far to be a very nice mannered doctor I will review more when I get there as well on the overall experience but so far he is also board certified as well I will update later nice to meet you all again..hopefully my surgery will help others..

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Update today so far I am getting ready I have...

Update today so far I am getting ready I have been taking my minerals for my body as requested I just have to get a few more things.. I so far have gotten my
my passport
some supplies listed below
tank t-shirts
stool softener
water pills for retention
bacterial soap for pre-op wash
......and I can't seem to remember what else is in my bag so I will update again


Thank you for starting your story! Here's a list of supplies you might need for recovery and a great post by Blonde in Bluffton about her first three days post op (minus the BBL).

Please keep us posted! Will you be putting up your photos so we can watch your transformation?

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Rafael E. Estevez Hernandez, MD

So far a very kind and informative doctor he seems to know his stuff and he is also very caring about his patients which is what I like so far about him so far he speaks fluent English and Spanish and He also volunteered in Haiti with the earthquake and the victims. I seen his work with patients and he seems to have a nice hand at that as well but I will update as my journey continues..

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