17 Year Old Junior in NEED of The "Perfect Smile" For Senior Year - Dominican Republic, DO

Since I was younger i've had a wide gap in between...

Since I was younger i've had a wide gap in between my teeth. I wouldn't ,id a gap but thing is, it's not in the middle, it's on the side. Yep, I said it... a wide gap on the SIDE of my mouth. I usually could deal with it but having to turn to the right when taking a picture to only show the left side of my smile is not going to work out when i'm taking my senior and prom pictures next year. Sooooo, i'm hoping and praying I get to get these Porcelain Veneers to help me achieve my goal in having the "Perfect Smile" in my prom and senior pictures. : )


Veneers on average are $1,000- PER TOOTH. This is a big procedure and something to really consider as a permanent commitment. Good luck !
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Thank you for starting your story here!  I assume you're as young as you look, if you're about to go to prom!  Have you already chosen a doctor in the DR?  That price is so low--how many veneers are you planning to get?
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You're welcome. I haven't chosen a doctor yet but i'm thinking about Dr. Jose Alonso. I was quite impressed with his work. I'm looking to get about 5 or 6 veneers, but i'm not sure yet.
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