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No More Children for Me So Now I'm Ready for a Tummy Tuck & Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi everyone I'm back after giving birth to my last...

Hi everyone I'm back after giving birth to my last child this makes a total of two kids for me 10 yrs a part wow!!! My stomach looks like a lot of fat and skill I weighed 218 I'm down to 164 still not happy wit my body...that means change it! I always wanted a tummy tuck after my 1st son now it's time!


Can not wait until you tell us about your process of going through it all. Great weight loss.
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Great job with the weight loss.  Those babies stretch us out good but help is on the way.  Keep us up to date.
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8 months away

So I only have 8 months to decide what doctor I will select and rather to stay in the states or go to Dominican Republic!!! I'm interested in Dr.huntley in Ga. & Dr. Yily in the DO. So far I've sent a email to Dr.Yily and I will do a walk in consultation wit Dr. Huntley sometime next week. Any ladies have good or bad insight on Dra Yily? Thanks


I will say that Dr. Huntly is amazing! I would definitely go back to him if I ever wanted anything else done in the future! Since my surgery, I have had two ladies that I know that have made consultations with him. I'm very happy with how he has treated me. They are both going in for a tummy tuck :)
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Thanks so much i needed to hear that... From seeing his work on the website makes me excited...
That's how I chose him as my doctor :)

One step closer passport

I received a lil piece of happiness today my passport came in the mail!!! Plus I have narrowed my search down to 4 doctors...feeling a lil more structured now, the count down begins:)

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