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I am hoping for a date in december 2013 I have...

I am hoping for a date in december 2013 I have researched doctors for well over a year and lurking on this site for some time now but I didn't feel it was the right time till now. I originally wanted dr.jimmerson he does a awsome job butt im not wanting a shelf booty i noticed he does alot of those. I love dr.yilys work also shes a woman so she will know exactly what i want i already emailed her pics and all that just waiting on my quote and i want to set a date soon!! here are some of my wish photos....

I am 5'2" 126lbs. I do have some butt but I'd like a little more. I have begun gaining weight for this surgery I am usually about 120 so by April I'd like to be 145.

I love Dr Salamas work because I am looking for a small waist with projection my current measurements are 32dd-26-38 and I'd ideally like my waist to be about 24 inches. I am hoping he can deliver. I want upper and lower back lipo as well as lipo of my abdomen and waist. I am also considering chin and inner thigh lipo because I am hoping
I am getting a Tummy tuck , as well as breast lift possible implant, lipo to arms, flanks , back and inner thighs ...and of course a bbl :) yes I've thought about the discomfort pain I can do it is rather go through the pain than paying more money for separate procedures . Lol and @Refinedandbetterme that's awesome :) I'm still waiting to hear back from dr.yilly emailed her in Spanish cause from some of the reviews seen she responds faster that way :)
Keep in mind after watching my sister these last couple days post OP a BBL with a breast aug is very uncomfortable because you really can not sleep on your stomach and being on your back brings a lot of pain from the BBL. I got tummy tuck and BL/BA and it seems I am in less discomfort.

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that since it seems you're not getting a tummy tuck, I've moved your review into the also wonderful BBL community. Hope you find lots of support here and if you have any questions or concerns please PM me.


sooo some changes have happen...

i changed my date for surgery pregnant this is my last child also planning a wedding for next summer so my surgery will be this year 6months after i have my baby girl. i can feel it this is my year :) im so excited found some more wish photos as well.......
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