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Hello Ladies, I am ready to leave to DR for...

Hello Ladies,

I am ready to leave to DR for my mommy make over. I'm schedule for surgery on 2/18/13 with Dr. Robles.I'm flying out for NYC on 2/15/13 to 2/25/12 or 3/2/13 not sure.I need to book the flights but I'm waiting on my hubby's boss to okay him the days of Vacation. I plan on staying in the recovery house for three days only cause I have family in Santiago. I am very nervous cause I want the surgery so bad that now that the days are getting closer I'm nervous. If someone has had surgery with Dr Robles can you tell me what to take and what to expected cause i don't know what to buy and I am going crazy. I'm traveling with My Hubby and three daughters the ages 10,4 and 1. We are going for my grandfather's Birthday/Family Reunion. If someone is having surgery and needs a buddy for the three days that I will be in the recovery house let me know. I will be posting my pictures of me Soon.....

Diva You wont be disappointed
How are you Feeling @ Ms. Thang??? do you like it????
Good luck

Okay Ladies so I changed my date of my surgery to...

Okay Ladies so I changed my date of my surgery to 2/15 because I am coming back on 2/25 and I need to be there for ten days. I am still waiting on Raquel to send me the clinic Information. So I can start getting ready I am not sure what i need to take, So if someone knows they can please let me know.....Good Day To All!!!!!
How did it go withRobles?
What is her contact info??
and goood luck i only heard good things....
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