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Busting my Real Self Cherry Hello all past,...

Busting my Real Self Cherry

Hello all past, current and future dolls. I am fairly new to RS. I decided to start a blog and take a few of you along with me on my journey. I am 29, no children and married. I used to be curvy lil thing, with my calf always being bigger than my actual body. But at 5'3 and 225, I'm curvy alright. I could be philsbury doughboy stand in. Now, at my height and weight, you would expect me to look like a umpa loomp, but that is not the case. I always had a great deal of muscle mass (when I was a size 6, I was 165 - 170). So to most, I look like I'm about 190, with clothes on. Knee surgeries and moving to the south is to blame for the fluff. Even though I really do enjoy being a little thick, some of stuff has to go.

So the lovely idea of plastic surgery cross my mind. For the past few weeks I have been off to the races. After careful research, I decided to goto the D.R. for surgery. I am heavily leaning towards Dra Disla to do my surgery in late December. She has responded promptly to my questions and I adore her work. I have contacted a few other doctors, but that deserves it's own post and rant. What I plan on getting done is a tummy tuck, BBL with lipo to the back and where ever else she feels fit, and a breast lift. Is this alot? YES!! but I am a go hard type of girl (I guess that contributed to me going into the military) and would rather get all the pain done in one whop. I am undecided if I would be staying at RH Armonia the whole trip or just stay there for a week and then a week at a hotel.

Well I guess that's it for a introduction. If anyone is having sx December 25, 26 or 28 and looking for a buddy let me know.


Thanks for starting your story! Do they actually perform mommy makeovers on Christmas day? That would be quite the gift to yourself! :) I'm so glad you did start your story and I look forward to following your journey.

Thanks for the welcome. I was surprised too. It does seem like an ideal time. I don't think people want to cut up during the holiday. Less people to deal with and the surgeon can take her time. We shall see. Airline tickets are expensive as a flight to mars
Welcome and goodluck I'm having my surgery on 18th December in the UK. Have you done before pics Hun?

Finally, some pictures

Let's try this again shall we?

So I had a good ol' long update. Typed, spell check and ready to go. And what happens? It all disappear because my cell phone decided hey want to go on break. So let's try this again.

I am really trying to decide if I want to have surgery during Christmas time. It does seem like a great idea because I expect it to be less people and the more focus can be on me. The only problem I have is I am a newlywed. even though my husband and I do not have kids together (he has children, I don't) this will be out first Christmas as husband and wife. It does not help any that he is NOT supportive of this at all (a whole lot of what ifs). This is going to be a tough one.

Now for a brief rant.
This whole nonsense with BMI is not logical or fair. Everyone carries weight differently. The way someone is built plays a role. Muscle mass definitely needs to be considered. There are some 170 pounders that looks like the Michelin tire man (I look like his twin but I'm 230). Then there some 200 pounders that are fit to the gods. Prime example, when I enlisted, I was 175. That put me at a BMI of 31. That alone would have disqualified me. But when you start taking measurements, my fat content was 25. That is a big difference. Also, genetics plays a role. Everyone is not meant to be a small. Even when I was a size 5/6, my weight was still high. Some folks bones are more than dense than others. So I. Other words, BMI is full of shit.

Sorry I just really had to get that off my chest. Anywho, I will definitely make a decision as to when I will be going to D.R. Dra Disla informed me she does have availability in early January. Time to compare cost and quality again.
Yes your def correct you don't look in the 200 pound mark! Your tummy looks rather good to me hun
Thanks. My griddle worked extra hard lol


For those of us on a right side of the scale and looking to get surgery done in the Dominican Republic. If you are wondering why you are emailing doctors and it seems like they are taking their sweet time answering you, your weight may have something to do with it. Yes, they are busy. But if you're BMI is not under 31, you are really not a candidate for surgery. Per a medical consultant in D.R. CIPLA has tighten measures. They will not the surgeon perform surgeries on alot of heavier ladies. We are considered a risk to them. The consultant ley me know that Duran some times will not give you a quote if you are way over weight. I just received another email from another surgeon stating that I need to be down to 200 before I contact her. So I thought I would let you ladies know. They are surgeons who perform on plus size ladies, but you definitely have to search.
You have a really nice shape and looking forward to seeing your results. I chose this time of year so I can hide under some heavier clothing while healing.
I agree...definitely a good shape. I would think you'll have excellent results!
Thank you ladies! That is what I'm hoping for!

Epiphanies galore!!!

Had a bunch of random ideas that seem to go well for sx.

First, I will be juicing for the next 30 days. I get to get healthy and drop weight before sx. My curves will be extra dangerous!! #Winning

Second. Even though I have not locked my date, I am proceeding as if I will get the procedure done around Christmas. I have started my vitamins. I am also working out to jump start my system so when it is time to heal, it will replenish itself.

Third. I walked into my local Ross store and had a ah - ha moment. I k now full a well I am going to want tight clothing on my body after sx. Solution? Those horrid yet sometimes cute dresses I like to call moo-moos. Yup, the ones Mrs. Roper use to wear on Threes company. I already own a few and love them. Comfortable, easy breezy. The best part? They are only 7.99! I won't be hardly upset if I mess them up. Either they will go in the trash or will be a house dress when I get home. It will give me enough room to hide the drains and don't have to worry about anything clinging to me. I think the faja will be enough for the first week.

That's all for now. Hopefully Friday I will have a set date.

Awww thank you for your service I saw that you were enlisted
best of luck on your journey
Thank you same to you

This plastic surgery app is like crack....

I found a few after dresses that I would love to look fabulous in after sx (I mean I look great now with a griddle, good bra, makeup etc, but I would to love not make spanx rich). I took a few photos without a griddle and touch up the photos using Plastic surgery simulator. OMG!! This app has me more go gun ho to get everything done. I just can't wait!!!
First all I must say I love your review may me giggle. Congrats on your decision with surgery please post as much info as possible before and after I can't wait to see your results good luck
Where can I get plastic surgery app
Google or Samsung play store. You can also do it online at their website

And I personally do not give a rat's ass what anyone thinks......

I'm trying to keep this up as much as possible. There isn't much going on. I kinda slid off the liquid diet for a day because I was sick. But I still manage to lose 5 pounds :-). Still in limbo about which date I am going with. The only thing that is stopping me with going with my first choice of December is the airfare is crazy! It will cost me twice as much to fly in December than January.

Is it just me, or is the support system is not there? Yes, any surgery is serious business. Yes, going out of the country may seem a little crazy. But there really is not a difference of where you get surgery at. I hear more about surgeries going left in the U.S. than I do any where else. I had my mom, who was once gun ho with me about my transformation suddenly jump ship. She said she seen on the "news" how some one died from butt implants (she always get her news from somewhere). Once I explained that 1. it was injections of industrial grade silicon 2. the person went to a hotel and 3. it was here on U.S. soil, she gave me the blank stare. Then she had the nerve to say, "Well if you just lose weight, it will be ok". Umm, excuse me no. I am person of instant gratification. Me losing weight will have nothing to do with the figure I am paying for. Yes, losing weight may help, but I will still be disproportion. My ass, hips and breast will be the first to go. I actually enjoy being above a size 8. My legs are huge and I did the skinny on top and big ass legs on the bottom. So at this point, I will be doing this alone. I'm just completely shock. My mom knows I march to the beat of my own drum.

Sorry for the rant. But the moral of the story is, no matter where you are in your journey, do it for yourself. No matter what anyone says to you. At the end of the day, you have to look yourself in the mirror and be completely happy with what you see. Do not let anyone, including your family, friends, dog, cat, the man at the grocery store, deter you from doing anything you want to do. Nothing worst than should've, could've would've and what if.

Love, peace and hair grease
I know that's right I love your post (previous) I also like your pics with the plastic surgery app your gonna def have that body
Thanks girlie! That's what I'm pushing for. Thinking positive and imagining great results.
That sucks that your mom is not on your side. Maybe she will come around? I am sure she is just scared. Once you are on the flat side, I am sure she will go back to supporting you after the deed is done and she sees that you are alive and looking fab!

Nothing new... Just counting down and spending my change

Same ol' same ol. Taking it day by day. Fell off the wagon with my diet. I love how the juice taste (I done alot of experimenting on what actually tastes good to me) and lost weight fairly quickly. But I just can't get over the fact that I have to chew. My (fat) instincts tell me I am suppose to chew food. I tried gum but that only makes you more hungry. When I start back up, I will have oatmeal in the morning with my lemon water and drink 2 juices a day. I will hydrate with coconut water and aloe vera juice. I also do a system flush at most every 10 days. My face is ubber smooth and clear.

I ordered my boppy-like pillow from nursing pillow. The coupon does work but my high siddity ass decided to get the soft mink one and it was 5 extra dollars. I am torn if I want to buy a breast pillow so I can lay on my stomach from time to time and the flattening boards. I know I'm only taking a carry on suitcase. Whatever doesn't fit in there will not be going. Whatever that is disposable will go in my book bag. I discovered today that Fios allows you to watch live tv, your dvr and hbo, showmax, cinemax from my phone! I downloaded free books from Amazon, so I think I will be good money. My phone (Note 3) is like a mini tablet so I ill not need to take my laptop or iPad.

Well if anything changes, I will keep you guys updated.

PS I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was Fabulous!!!!! I cooked alot of food and it was just me and my husband. At least the dogs will eat good when we are sick of eating leftovers.

Deposit Sent, Date Booked, and damn near packed

Hello ladies (and gents lol). I finally sent my deposit and have my date booked for January 11th with Disla. Uber excited! I have all my supplies and I'm not taking much. I also will be buddying with a fellow RS'er. I will be flying in and out of NYC. I'm in the DC/ Virginia area but all my family is in Brooklyn, about 10-15 minutes from JFK. This works out perfectly. I get to see my mommy before and after. My mom missed her calling as a nurse. I know she will have me right before I go home. Also, JFK has a ton of direct flights. I read stories that made connecting flights not so appealing.

Speaking of reading other stories, some of these reviews I absolutely can not believe. There is no way on God's green earth would I deal with some of nonsense these ladies put up with. I read some stories where the ps didn't do what they paid for or before the surgery they was pretty much mistreated and went ahead with the surgery anyway. Let me explain something. When I'm paying my American hard earn dollars for a service, I better be treated with respect. I don't allow anyone to talk down to me. If the surgeon is getting me nasty with me before hand, I will kindly say, no thank you, get dress and walk my ass out. Whatever cash I was going to pay for surgery will be used to pay for all inclusive beach side resort and to change my flight. I'll take a good vacation over a botched surgery anyday. You pay a goof chunk of cash day of surgery. That is more than enough time to change your plans. I would rather lose 500-750 bucks and still be in tact with NO PAIN, then to get a procedure done, unsatisfied and having to shell out more money for a redo. Hell outta here with that BS.

Waiting on my nursing and maternity pillow to come in. I seen this mini side sleeper maternity pillow on amazon for 30 bucks, It looks pretty versatile. It can be used for nursing, sleeping, elevating your feet, etc. Kinda look like a snake. I figured I can use this pillow when I'm laying down for support. I like to lay on stomach and side. Thinking about using it around my breast. If it is long enough, maybe I will return the nursing pillow and just use this one. Will post pics when I receive it.
Take lots of before and after pics I know u r going to look great
Thank you. I will take plenty of pics to share!
Lol your rs cherry have been bust. Best wishes hun u will look good

Every time I start having second thoughts. ....

When I start questioning my decision, I jump on RS and look at the brave souls who had their sx done. Some of these after pics gives me absolute LIFE!!! The transformations are just unbelievable. Damn, can't wait til next month!
Goodluck on your journey
Thank you. Your sx came out great. You are definitely gonna look like a barbie doll
Thank you. Keeping fingers crossed lol

Congrats to Yily! A bouncing baby boy

A major congratulations to Dra Yily. She had a boy. I'm friends with her on Facebook (my sister from another mister and her friend got their tummy tucks done by her). She still looks fabulous even in a hospital gown after birth
I r going to be fabulous
Thanks love
Don't have second thoughts Hun it's a miracle it really is!! I'm only hours post op but living results all ready

Damn time is flying......

I didn't notice it's been 2 weeks since I updated. Nothing major going on. Just counting down my days. 2 more weeks and I'm going to be snatched!
Good luck hun;)!
Looks like you are ready to go!!! Good luck.
Woop woop bet you can't wait

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick

This time next week I will wondering what the hell did I get myself into. I actually can't wait!
I was talking to my SX buddy and thought of list of the things I am looking forward to post Sx:

1. Being able to cut my own toe nails
2. Looking down and finally seeing my toes (I think I forget how they look)
3. Forget about investing in a griddle company (yes, I should have own stock)
4. Revoke my booty do and FUPA (fat upper p***y area) club cards
6. Quit my job as the Michelin tire man and Pillsbury dough boy stand in
7. Being able to lift my arms up and not look like I'm about to fly south with the birds
Good luck yiu will love your resukts im sure!

Jesus, take the wheel!!

Sorry to keep everyone hanging. I had surgery the 10th around 6:30 pm. I couldn't have it at CIPLA because of my weight. But being the superhero Disla is, she made it happened.

I was up my entire surgery. I only had a epidural/ spinal block. I had a anxiety attack but my body was numb so there wasn't any shaking. It's wasn't the worst or best experience. Disla finished my surgery around 2 am. The first 2 nights were rough. I'm guessing from the spinal. Last night I had to take my own pain meds. The boppy and body pillows are a god sent. I would be lost if it wasn't for the staff at Armonia. They provide excellent care.

Not sure how my butt is going to hold up with all this sitting. But one day at a time.

Till next time
What u was woke the whole sx !! What the hell so u could her and feel everything that was going on
I didn't see anything. The only ring I felt was the pulling when doing the tummy tuck. It wasn't as bad as it sounds. I'm guessing the hospital where the sx was performed didn't want to put me fully under because of my weight
Good on you You look great Heal up now Hun

8 days post op

Overall I feel great. I am am still hunched over but it is ok. I know i need to walk more but I get worn out quickly. I stop taking pain meds around day 3 or 4. There is only tightness in the tummy area. For me the faja is fabulous because it gives you extra support. When I first took it off I felt like a lost puppy, lol. It's a bitch getting it on but you learn to appreciate it.

Ladies, while you are healing, do whatever it is to lift your spirits but in moderation. If makeup is your thing, then go ahead. But please do not be shaking your ass Po day 5 because you feel ok. Yes someone decided they wanted to party every night and it caught up with her. You have to give your body time to heal. I would love to go out shopping but I know after my massage everyday, I need a 2 hour nap.

And speaking of massages, that shit hurts. In the beginning I would like to pee myself. It is getting better but good lord. I have a lot of swelling and it has made me extra tender. My arm bruises and swelling is the worst. I can't even wear my arm girdle yet because of the swelling.

ok. I have poop myself out. Ttyl
Glad to hear your doing good Hun time is healer
Thanks for the update & I'm glad ur listening to ur body. Healing wishes

Me and the Faja just dont get along.

So I am 2 weeks PO. I left DR at 10 days. There really wasn't a reason to stay longer. My drain was removed and according to my Doc, everything was moving on track. The problem I had was my swelling has not gone down. My feet, ankles, arms and back looked like someone blew air into me. No one could figure out why.

But I did

That damn faja was the culprit. I started in a Large and before I left I was put into a medium. When I got home, I took the faja off for a night. When I woke up in the morning, 80 percent of the swelling is gone. I left it off again and I have no swelling what so ever. I’ve been doing extra research to see if I am doing any damage by not wearing the faja. And apparently I am not. I have ordered the Vedette 206 and Squeem vest and will that for the remainder of the 3 months. I also ordered a different type of sleeve as the one the Doc gave me does not cover my arms properly.
I am still not walking erect and one breast seems slightly off. I will give it more time as I heard this is normal. My ass hasn't fluffed yet. It is hard as a rock. Dr. Disla said she grafted 1200 cc in each cheek but my ass is looking smaller than when I came in. I am going to be patient and give it time.
U look amazing in that post op pic! How's the recovery going?
Thank you! Recovery is not bad at all. Just frustrating. I'm stiff so I'm not getting around like I want to. But it is amazing to see the changes everyday.
That was intense! Finishing surgery by 2am. Good know Dra Disla is that capable. Happy healing. Looking forward t ur updates

Couldn't sleep, mind as well update

So I've been tossing and turning all night. I knew something was wrong before I got that dreaded email. My husband saw it all in my face since I came home from Dominican Republic.

I sent update pictures to my surgeon. As it stands, I need the fluid in my tummy and back aspirated and a breast revision. She said I need massages. WTF is massages going to do for me when I can't tolerate being touched. (Btw, I get massages daily) I knew I was in trouble because my back is still too dawn tender. A slight wind blow and I'm ready to cry. I pointed out to her my breast since day one. One looks like it didn't have any work done. The other looks high and tight. I was told this was normal. Now it's a problem. And please don't get me started on my ass. I had more ass when I started than I do now. Plus I have lumps. As much as I try not to base my healing time with everyone else, I am convinced my ass will be small.

I had botched surgery. How much money I am going to have to shell out for revisions plus the original surgery, airfare and recovery house, I could've had my surgery done in Beverly Hills. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm still in pain and it is visually clear that things are jacked, I would just leave well enough alone. Definitely feeling like my husband was right about me not needing surgery.

I'm just extremely passed off and so over this whole process.

The Bullshit

Here's a few pics

shoot, I wasn't done uploading.

Here's some more. Why do I still have rolls???

Sorry I had to take some of the pics down to edit them

Here we go again
Oh my goodness! I'm so sry u r experiencing this! I hope the swelling subsides soon. R u taking bromelain & arnica pills. They should help with swelling & bruising.
Thank you. Yes I have taken the Arnica and drink fresh pineapple juice everyday. I use a prescription skin cream that has done wonders on the bruising
Aww, you look swollen and in pain. Hope things get better. Take it easy and happy healing !!!

Can I get a break please????

My husband and I decided the swelling and discomfort was tool much so we went to the emergency room. I had a CT scan and it revealed a hematoma and abscess. I had emergency surgery to remove it. I had a open wound and a wound vac that sick out all this crap. I also have IV therapy with antibiotics. I've been in the hospital for 2 days. At this point I don't care about the results from the plastic surgery. I'll just be grateful when my body heals.
I'm sorry u experienced this....what do u mean u couldn't have sx as cipla cause of ur weight? Were u going with a different doctor before u went to Disla? Happy healing to you!
Thank you. I was over the weight and bmi limit to have my sx at cipla. They are very strict when it comes to this. I had to be at or under 200 lbs, I was 210. Disla has always been my choice. Disla has surgical privileges at other hospitals as well as cipla.

Damn, did I graduate college or what??

I read my past post and there is typos galore. I am so sorry for not proof reading before updating. Damn auto correct
I am sorry you didn't get the outcome you were looking for..Get well soon
I'm sorry you are going through all of this. Thank you so much for sharing your story and pics though. It really is helpful to those of us who haven't had their surgery yet to see all the possibilites of complications etc. I just hate that anyone has to go through it at all. I hope you heal quickly and can get the results you want.
Thank you. Complications are not common but it can happen to anyone. I was just one of the unlucky ones

One month and some change Post op

Recovery has been a real slow one and it just seems more issues keep popping up. I discovered a hole on my side that I am unsure where the hell it came from. It around my tummy tuck scar. It looks like when she sewn me up that part of the skin wasn't cut but got sewn anyway. My breast looks raw and the right one is just not healing. Not to mention the unevenness. I tried on some old clothes. Everything fits the same. Only difference is my stomach looks flatter.

I've thought about a revision but at this point, I probably won't do it. This has been a nightmare for me that I care not to relive. My tummy looks flat and I'm fine with that. You can barely see the tuck scar. Money has been greatly wasted. This was a expensive lesson to be learned.

I won't be updating this on a weekly basis anymore. I would update only if I see some major changes. I wish everyone the best and no matter where you are in journey, I hope you have a smooth one.

Sorry all the pictures didn't upload

Damnit Real self. Get your life!! $

Dan pics won't upload. I'mma try one last time


Cynthia Disla

Dra Disla is fabulous as a person!! She is the warmest doctor I've ever met. She says it like she means it and works with you.

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