7 Days Till BBL! - Dominican Republic

So, I'm 7 days away from flying into my 51st...

So, I'm 7 days away from flying into my 51st birthday with a brand new hot-body. LOL! I'm not nervous yet - but my friends keep asking me "are you nervous?!" and I'm really not.

Mostly because I feel very centered and calm in my choice of Dr. Robles. I've been boning up on the information and reading thru experiences and preparing. I'm excited about the outcome and am standing in faith that it will turn out even better than I expected.

I have done 2 blood tests. Hemo was 8 and I reached out to Dr. Robles to ask how to bring it up and she advised me. 4 weeks ago it had increased to 11.5 and I have another test this week but I'm really sure it will be 13 or above.

Right now I'm picking wish-pics and playing with the plastic surgery simulator. I've made a few friends here that are going to be in DR the week of Sep 8th and am looking forward to meeting them (Ylvi and KandiB!).

All my supplies are collected and I even got myself a huge beanbag to sleep on when I return home just in case.

So, I'm looking forward to a speedy and uneventful recovery and I will post pics and keep the boards lit up with as much positive information as I can write.



Hi what tips did the dr give you to increase your hemo? mines is also at an 8 I'm looking to have surgery late October
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Hi Fistar10. I am taking ferrous sulfate - 65mg 3X a day. I just had blood drawn yesterday and I expect to get the results tomorrow. Inbox me and I'll let you know what they are. :-)
Please keep us posted about how to bring up your hemo! I have been taking all these supplements, I am seeing Yily in 23 days!
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