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Well I officially have a date with the gorgeous...

Well I officially have a date with the gorgeous Dra. Baez. I am so excited; I can't wait until January gets here. I plan on having a BL/BA, and liposculpture. I know I am a candidate for TT but I am worried about the recovery time because I have 2 toddlers and I am a mail carrier. I hope 4 weeks is enough time off to recuperate and get back to work. I am also concerned with the long flight back to the Midwest. For the ladies that have had c - sections, is the tummy tuck recovery similar? I had 2 of them in 2011 & 2012 and I did pretty well after surgery, especially the 2nd time. I also would love for you all to give me some RH recommendations. I wish everyone the best.


Found you. :) I have read that some experienced a TT same as a c-section, as they are basically cutting through all layers of tissue to get to your muscles to repair. I remember the c-section too and as my skin is still tight and it is mostly stubborn fat I will be aking Báez for an extensive/aggressive lipo on my abdomen and waist. I guess your own pain tolerance will also impact your experience of pain and recovery. Hope someone who has done a TT will give you an answer.
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Oh, and as far as RH goes. I have only considered Daisy, based on reviews and communicating w/her.
I think you made a wise decision going with Dra. Baez. I will be arriving in D.R. on Monday and staying in the Real Recovery Armonia. I'll keep you posted on how things go while I'm there. Good luck with everything.
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