30 Year Old 6 Kids Fith C-cection - Dominican Republic, DO

I need me back so desperately I would love the...

I need me back so desperately I would love the full make over bbl, bl, tt, lipo, arm lift. I have just had a C-section in may 2014 is it too son for surgery? I want to travel to the Dominican Republic for bbl and lipo but I have heard the recover houses are bog standard or less than when it comes to care I do not want to risk my life for vanity for my kids. has anyone received a* care or can I have an option of buying a first class care package any thoughts will be much appreciated x


Thanks for starting your story here on RealSelf! We are so happy to have you. Here's a post about when is the ideal time after having a baby to get a mommy makeover. If you travel a long way for surgery, make sure you do your research and choose a board certified surgeon and a safe place. Please keep us posted!
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