I May Be Young but I'm Ready!!! 24, 5'5,160 - Dominican Republic, DO

I have become infatuated with the female body for...

I have become infatuated with the female body for the last 2 months. My sister is currently in DR having her surgery done by Dra. Robles (I'm watching her kids) and I blame her! Once it was confirmed that she would be having a "Mommy Makeover" I was hooked and since then I have been in contact with SEVERAL Drs. I'm 24, no children, 5'5, 160lbs living in the Land of Ass better known as Atlanta, GA. I am toned and praying that I will have enough fat to get a proper BBL. With that being said, I asked for quotes for LIPO (removing fat from areas such as: waist, tummy, inner thighs, armpits, and back) & BBL. Below you will find my quotes. Currently, I am confused as to which Dr is right for me. Any suggestions?

Dr. Fragoso Baez - 2800
Dr. Yily - 3800
Dr. Duran - 3700+130 insurance
Dr. Cabral - 4500
Dr. Robles - 4500 includes RH
Dr. Hasan - ? still waiting

The prices are all over the place, and it did annoy me that my sisters full body procedure including a tummy tuck and mine, form Robles, are the same price but, I guess. From many of the reviews I've seen it seems as though Duran, Hasan, and Yily give more of the Nicki Minaj where as Baez and Robles give more of a subtle Barbi, a more "natural" look.... but I wanna look like a VIXEN! Grrrr...I'm so confused.

What are your thoughts? Oh, should I wait to have kids before lipo?

P.S. That's me in the profile pic.

I May Be Young but I'm Ready!!! 24, 5'5,160

Vanity Cosmetic Quotes:
Dr. Hasan 4500 - 3800 if paid now *special going on* +2000 recovery house
Dr. Fisher 600 - 4800 is paid now *special going on* +2000 recovery house
I don't like the sound of their prices, it seems suspect to offer specials at such a discounted price that mimics prices that I've gotten from other surgeons.
Thanks for your questions! We recently posted a case on our YouTube channel (New Radiance Med Spa of Palm Beach) of a Brazilian Butt Lift - the patient had about 1500 CCs removed from her stomach and waist area, and about 300 CCs injected into each buttock. The results look fantastic. The patient did wait to have her child, so factor that into your decision. Hope this helps! If you want to see the video, go to our channel and look for "Amazing Brazilian Butt Lift - Before and After Results".
Welcome aboard lol.. I'm going with DR.Duran 12/23/14 Good luck on your decision lol.. I met all the Miami people in person as I live in Miami and no one will giver that tiny waist, big hips and Booty I want but DR . Duran ;) keep me posted on your decision Future Doll
Hey love and thanks for the well wishes you sent Bc I'm trying to get the Fiancé on board with this surgery and it may be harder than I thought! Ugh!!! But I am excited to see your post and future progress. I'm almost CERTAIN that I too will become a Duran Doll Bc I am here for the smallest waist and fullest bubble possible. Lol
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