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I'm new to this and I want all my yily girls to...

I'm new to this and I want all my yily girls to give me as much information as possible to make it short and brief I'm 22 I have one daughter and I'm planing to get beautified in April.i will like to get liposuction and a bbl I have already got in contact with yily and she quoted me 3,350..I haven't booked anything yet but I will soon any girls going in April please let me know I will be going by myself...also have any of you have gotten the "you need a tummy tuck" because you will get better result..I'm so afraid of hearing that because I have my mind strictly on jUst liposuction I weight 143 by the way my problem is I lost 45 pounds and have lose skin and stretch mark...I'll upload soon..anyways please don't hesitate to give me any information..help!!
I think you just have to have realistic expectations. I had liposuction and was told that if I wanted to have a bikini body I would need to have a tummy tuck. As I am 45 with three boys (who would disown me if I wore a bikini) I am fine with not having a perfect stomach and stretch marks. I have been thrilled with my results, my clothes fit me better, and I am much more comfortable with my body. I still have some swelling so I don't know what my final result will look like but I will have stretch marks and maybe a little excess skin.

Any April yily dolls

Hey girls..I was wondering if anyone is going in April 11 I need a buddy I still haven't picked any recovery house and haven't heard back from yily but I have chosen my day..hopefully she not booked
I think your right..I think in my case I'm not sure what will be the outcome because of my stomach but I'm willing to give it a try.i think most of the time this doctor tell you that a TT is needed when liposuction can bring it down..Idk i guess I have to wait to see the surgeon

Wish pics

I'm from NY as well and been thinking about doing this for a long time now. I'm 24 and have three kids, I just had one in July. I haven't reached out to Yily because the site is down and I don't have her email information. I definitely want to do lipo and bbl. I plan on doing this the beginning of the new year around April or May.
Where are you from?
Bronx ny
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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