Nervous - I have a nice shape, but I cannot loose this pouch - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello everyone I am a little new to this site.......

Hello everyone I am a little new to this site.... I have read some great reviews on the doctor I have my heart set on going too... My girlfriend went to her in February and had a tummy tuck... and Dr. Yilly hooked her up... she looks great...So I want her to work wonders on me. I have a nice shape, but I cannot loose this pouch... And my boobs are saggy and assymetrical... A mess... so I want to get some bigger boobs, and some lipo on my abdomen.... I am thinking about getting a BLE, but I am not sure I want my already plump booty, any plumper.... LOL my jeans are already snug... I am suppose to go to the DR with my sister, but I don't know if she is backing out or what... She wanted to go in June, so I made some things happen at work, and now silence... So as of now, I am going alone, I am really nervous about that... but I praying everything will be ok.... If anyone is going around June 17th, let me know maybe we can share a room....

Back and Forth

Ok so now I don't know who to choose... Dr Yily, or Dr. Robles.... I mainly want to Breast Augmentation, and Lipo, adding some fat to my booty is just extra, its not a priority... But I don't know which way to go... Dr. Robles boob jobs on her page look beautiful, whereas Yily's look scary... I don't want any scares on my nipple area, only because I fear I may keloid, who wants that on their tits... Not me... Robles does the surgery under the armpit, which I have said I wanted for years... But I am not sure about her lipo or butt skills... I don't want to go home with a drain, and from what I have read from here, she sends a lot of people home with drains... Grrr.... who to go with... both are saying they can hook me up on June 17... Robles is all inclusive with a price of 5500, Yily is not all inclusive and is charging basic 4100-4600, without the cost of meds, or the recovery house... But Yily has those hands when it comes to sculpting, I have seen it first hand.... Ummmm what to do what to do....

Freaking out

I don't know why I am so nervous... I guess it is because I have never had surgery before, and this is major surgery.... I am so ready to get it over and done with... I am so sick of this belly and my saggy boobs. I need to have this surgery... I am still contemplating whether or not I should get the fat put in my booty, but I guess when the time comes I will have made up my mind. I just read some comments of some girls having surgery on the same day as me... This makes me extra nervous... I don't want to feel like my surgery is being rushed. I want to look top notch... Before I know it June 17th will be here... I have most of the stuff I have read on everyone's page... I just need to buy the foam and I guess the board... I have all my meds, my labs were good, and my EKG was good, so I am not worried about that... What has me really worried is if I am going by myself, because my sister may not be able to go... I have never traveled alone... Anyway I have to go back to work... If anyone is reading this and has some advice, please share... Thank you
I think Yily is a great choice! Absolutely in love with her sculpting skills.. Good luck and hope you have a safe journey and smooth recovery!
Hello. I'm scheduled with Yily on June 17 as well along with another RS lady. If you are still on for next week would love to meet up with you. Where are you staying? Take care.

Running around like crazy

This week has been crazy... I have to work extra days, do all this homework, pack my kids up for the summer to go to my mom's and then my sisters... My house is a tragic mess right now, and I still have some much to do... Anyway my surgery date is next Monday... I am still excited and still nervous.... I just pray everything goes alright... My biggest worry is not coming home... You know the ultimate demise... So please pray for me during my surgery. I will write more tomorrow, going to bed tonight I have to get up early for some training class.... Night until tomorrow...
After a lot of back and forth, I decided Yily was my best choice... Thank you :)...
Hey Diva24x7 I will be staying at Yasmin's recovery house... But if she pulls any stunts we have a back up with nurse and massage lady to stay at the Renaissance hotel... I will be arriving on June 16 and will be staying there, Renaissance, when I get there... Where are you staying?
Hello SA&4E... me and 2 surgery buddies will be staying at an apartment and hiring a nurse and massage person. In the event it doesn't checkout once we arrive on Sunday our back up plan is Hotel Fiesta. I will PM you my number so we can stay in contact and provide support for each other. We are so close and I have so many emotions going on. Take care and see you in a few days.

Can't believe I am here

Well this roller coaster is almost over.... I arrived in the DR today..Let me just start by saying it is hot as hell... But my cab driver was sexy as he wanted to be... LOL... anyway we arrived safely... I am hella tired... But I am managing... I am rethinking getting the BBL, I don't want to chance putting myself at risk with too much surgery, you know... I won't have my finally decision until tomorrow morning... OMG is this really about to happen... I am finally going to get the body, well the boobs, and flat tummy I have longed for forever. YAY!!! I will update I guess tomorrow or Tuesday and recap my journey...
Best of luck! Sending prayers your way!!
Thank you...
I'm so jealous. Lol Good luck and happy healing hun! Can't wait to see pics if you're planning on posting pics and updates! =)

My experience

It was such a roller coaster ride getting to this point.. I was up, I was down, and I was confused... Luckily I went w my first instinct and chose Yily... I must say she was very nice, and so was Yira... And they are both very pretty.... Dr Yily didn't force me to do anything I didn't want to do.... She did suggest I have a tummy tuck, but I said no, she just let me know I may have some loose skin.... She just wanted me to know just so I wouldn't be surprised and post some crap about her... Lol I said I wouldn't I would just post the truth.... My truth, since I cannot speak for anyone else.... I'll start my story with day one:

June 16th, it wasn't that exciting, I flew in from ATL ,because I had to drop my kids off w my mom and meet my sister... We arrived in the DR around 115pm.... We went through customs they were very fast, barely had to wait... We met our cabbie, he had a sign with my name on it... he was fine... lol it was humid and hot.... i couldn't wait to cool off... We stayed at the Renaissance hotel... It was very nice and everyone there was nice as well... We mostly slept and ate... Lol I barely got any sleep I had way to much on my mind... So I kept popping up... My sister on the other hand was snoring.... Lol

Anyway June 17th... Our ride from the recovery house picked us up at 615am to take us to the CIPLA... We got there around 630... She spoke with the receptionist for us, and left telling us she would be back later.... I couldn't sit still so I was wandering the hospital, and finally I just sat outside of Yily's office... I am glad I did because I would have missed a lot of things sitting upstairs.... Anyway I went into Yily's office and there were 2 other girls in there. One I met in the hallway, and she didn't even look like she needed surgery, her body was boom... As we were waiting another girl showed up, and two more (they were just doing their labs)..... So we sat there waiting for the lab to open, the radiologist and the cardiologist... The lab person was very efficient, she used alcohol, clean gloves, and she was we waited for the radiologist, I have read where people said he is rude, and tells them to get naked... Ummm he didn't do that to me, he rubbed my back to see if I had a bra on, I didn't so he fixed my hair so it wouldn't be in the X-ray.. We giggled and then I was done.... All that was left was the cardiologist and of course Dr Yily.... I waited awhile for the cardiologist but I just waited in my recovery room w my sis and another Yily Girl... We talked and waited, a nurse came in to do an assessment, I went across the hall to meet two more Yily girls scheduled for the 17th...went back in my room and there he was finally the cardiologist... The system he used was old school, but it was proficient and my results were good.... Once he was done, I think another hour passed and I finally met the infamous Dr. Yily, she was very pretty, nice and efficient. Yira was there to translate for her, she took pics and let me know the real deal of what to expect. And I was ok with that... We were laughing while she marked me up, told me to put my gown on and wait to be beautified... I did take my blue pill (Versed) early, so I was knocked out... My roommate went first, then after she was done around 6pm, not sure because I was in and out sleep, but I went back to get my surgery. The most I remember is being wheeled back, getting my IV (in my hand, bad idea), and staring at the ceiling... after that I was knocked out... I do remember waking up, during the epidural I think, and saying I just wanted to lay down because I was loopy... After that I woke up in the recovery room.... So not a bad experience. Different but not bad for my first surgery. After surgery I did throw up, that was because I was hungry, and the anesthesia. But it passed soon... I woke up throughout the night because I was having real bad back and knee pain(old injury), and I was too long for the damn bed... the nurse I had was good, she was fast, and every time I needed something, she was there to give it to me. I will say, it was because of my sis, because there was no call bell.... that was a mess....

June 18th: the day of my sisters surgery.... well it looked liked she and others wouldn't be getting surgery, because the health department had closed down the CIPLA for 48hours, craziness... But Yily worked it out so the ladies could get beautified too... I will let them tell their story about that, since I was in route to my recovery house... First let start, the nurses came in to clean me up, take out my cath and IV, and to squeeze my medium body in a small faja... Talk about pain, well more discomfort... I couldn't wait to lay down... I set up in the recliner for a while, fell asleep and woke up in a panic, because I forgot where I was and in pain.... After I flung myself on the bed to stretch out, I was better... Yily's assistant came in with my discharge paperwork, and about an hour later Dr. Yily came in with my prescription... About 30 minutes later I was being driven to my recovery house.... I decided to go with Yasmin's recovery house, even after reading all that crap about her... The good outweighed the bad, and I am glad I chose her, she is very nice, and so is her family... She even came to see me when I got out surgery to make sure I was ok, and if I needed anything. There are only two other girls here, the AC is working, the food is good, and there are American channels to watch... I wish the beds were a lot more comfortable, but it is what it is.... Can't wait to get back in my memory foam bed... Anyway I arrived here, she took my prescription, called the pharmacy for me, and the meds were delivered... I did have to pay a lot because I am allergic to Amoxicillin, so I had to get something else... Lucky me... LOL anyway the next couple days, the 19th and 20th have been all about relaxing, sleeping, doing some homework, getting used to this soreness and numbness, and getting around in this tight ass Faja, I don't know how people walk around with this crap on..... OMG I feel like a sausage being stuffed....Tomorrow is my follow-up appointment, I will finally get to see my new boobs, excited... anyway I will write about that tomorrow....

I don't feel pain, I just feel numb, sore, and I have this one spot that burns like hell... I have read that all of this is normal, so I am not really worried about that... my drain is pulling a lot of fluid, I am taking my meds as directed, and I am wearing my compression stockings... I just wish this burning would stop.... Anyway later Yily dolls...

Day 4

Well it's post op day 4... I am feeling kind of down... I didn't have any wish pics because I didn't want to look like anyone else,I just wanted the best me....and right ow, yes I know it's early, I don't feel like I will transition into the best me.... I should have got a tummy tuck and not just lipo... The doctor said i needed lipo but I was listening to everyone else, even myself and just got lipo... I can already tell, my stomach will not be flat like I want it. Hopefully I can do something about that at home, I really don't want another stomach main reason for getting plastic surgery was so I could get some big boobs... I don't feel like that is what I got...they are nice, but I am defiantly getting them enlarged later on.... Wish I could have got what I wanted the first time.... :-( boobs....the little bit of fat put in my butt, is lovely.... I just hope it stays there..... If not oh well.... My sister looks good... YAY for her.... Wish I would have went with my insintict.... Next time I will....

Another topic, I got my first massage today... Talk about painful... The heat wrap felt good, with the rubbing, but that kneading and what not.... OMG!!!!! Take pain meds before hand... I could hear the fluid as he massaged me... It was weird.... But it was worth it....I have to sleep in a rocking chair because the bed is uncomfortable and I am not getting any sleep.... And I have to sleep on my back for the next month so my boobs can fall just right.... Smh... I am ready to go home!!! Five more days.... I want my bed.... Lol

Anyway I went for my first post-op appt was today, she just released my boobs for, the tape, cleaned everything up, and said everything looked good, told me to come back on Monday to hopefully get this damn drain out... I will add pics as soon as I upload them from my phone... Stay tuned....
Happy healing to you and your sister. Nice and honest review. I am staying at Yasmin too with my daugther in law. I cant wait to see pics. Fast and safe recovery.
Thank you... :-)
Wow I can't wait to see pics. I enjoyed reading your journey you were very honest about everything. And didn't solely blame it all on the doctor. What size plant did she give you? What size were your boons before? I hope everything work out. Maybe when you get home you can get laser treatments to tighten up your skin. It's expensive and may have to do it a couple of times but at least you won't have a scar. Where is Yily doing her surgeries at? is that a permenant location or temporary? Good luck!


I meant to say the doctor told me I needed a tummy tuck...

Another rough day...

Well another rough day... All night I was up and down... I could not get comfortable.... I finally fell asleep in the rocking chair, but was awoken because it was time to eat breakfast....Grrr... I woke up so swollen.... I tried to go back to sleep but I could not get comfortable... I snapped at my sis, and then I bust out crying.... I really just want to go home... My own bed, my own food, my own.... My sis calmed me down, and hugged me... Love my big sis... Then she sent me some literature to help cheer me up... Apparently it takes at 6 months to see results of lipo... Yup I should have had a tummy tuck... But I didn't want the scare since I am prone to keloids... I didn't want to chance getting them across the bottom of my belly... I already have them other places, and I hate them.... I hate the looks I get or questions I get when people see them... And then I have to always explain them.... Anyway my sis went out with Yasmin to buy more pillows and stuff to get us somewhat comfy in our last few days.... If not then we will move on back to the hotel.... Always have a plan B... Day 2 of massages.... A little better but still tons of dolor (pain)... I will say I went through an emotional roller coaster getting here, and I am still on the same damn roller coaster... So don't think it will be over just because you finally got your surgery.... Because trust me its just beginning....

Just wanted to add some before and after pics

A couple before and after pics.... I will post a full pic of me in my faja as soon as I figure out how to block my face... LOL
GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD. Be patient and stay positive. Your body will change a little every day. You will be fabulous when the swelling goes down.
Thank you.... As you can tell I am very impatient... But with this I will have to learn to be... :-)
Thank you for your detailed review, you look great so far.


I didn't post yesterday I was busy trying to write my paper, that was due at 159am... Haha.... Anyway I slept good that night, thanks to my massive pillow collection.... If you can bring pillows and a blanket, especially if you are staying at an air conditioned recovery house... Yes there are some that don't have any AC.... SMH... I got my day 3 massage, it was a little better, but still painful.... Nothing else really happened yesterday it was Sunday.... Oh yeah I discovered I had a hole in my back, where she lipo'd, why I don't know, and a hole at the top of my ass crack... Fun times.... Lol

Today: I had my second post op visit, where I finally got this drain removed. I was draining good, and my fluid was yellowish, so I got it removed. YAY!!!! It was uncomfortable when she removed the drain but it didn't hurt....The doctor that sees Yily's patients post op told me I needed to wear the faja for about 15 days, and then switch to a compression just for my abdomen, for about 2 months. She told me how to take care of wounds, and we laughed about my boobs... She is very nice and if you have any questions she will answer them, trust me I had a few... Lol I went back to the recovery house, and guess who was waiting for us, the masseuse... Lord help was still painful...hopefully one day it will get better.....

Just some FYI that I noticed:
If you send a doctor a email requesting several different surgeries, ask for an itemized bill such as how much is the bbl, how much is the lipo, etc... Because if you end up like some girls paying one lump some for everything and then you only get one thing done, when it is time for you to get your refund they may give you a hard time (I have seen it with my own eyes with several girls) and you may not get all your money back, well the money you deserve...

2. Me and my sis stayed at a recovery house because we wanted help during our recovery, we thought we would need it for the recommended days. Truthfully you only really need the recovery house for the first 3-4days, after that you will know how to empty you drain, and can walk around and so forth... You can also hire a nurse, a cook, a taxi, etc and they will come to you.... So even if you need more help after the 4 days its ok to stay at a regular hotel, because help will come to you...

3. I also recommend even if you feel like you are ready to go because you are feeling better, at least stay for the first post op visit, it is at the most 3-4 days away from your surgery day... If you feel like everything is good, then you can do what you feel is best... But at least stay for the post op....find out what you need to do to take care if yourself.... Oh and please take all of your meds... And if something does not feel right, seek help....and ask questions....

More later :-).....
Is yo sis on rs? If so what's her name I want to know about Cipla shut down.
yes she is on realself, but she knows just as much as I do.... The health department closed them related to something they did not fix from last year. There is suppose to be a article or something on it somewhere. The recovery house where I am staying, Yasmin, said it was posted on facebook, check there if you want something in depth. But they really didn't tell us why, Yily's cousin said they will be closed for a couple of months, until they finish their investigation. Dr. Cabral owns the CIPLA so check out his page to see if he mentioned it. Everyone is now at Santo Domingo Plastic Center, for the time being.
did you go to CIPLA or another location for post-op? I think your boobs look good btw. Smaller ones are much easier to maintain, believe me :)

An interesting night

Another day, massage wasn't as bad.... Today me and my sis with Yasmin, took us on a tour of Santo Domingo, we had a good time... We took some pics, spoke to some very fine men, yuuuummmmm, ate some good food, and came back to the room. I took my last Heparin shot, YAY!!!, the swelling is getting better, but my back is like whoa, my tat back there looks like its in 3D... LOL All is good right now, going home tomorrow... I can't wait... I wish I could take Ramon, my masseuse, with me because I swear I don't want to pay those high prices in the states for a post op massage... smh... Anyway going to bed, I have to get up early to go to the clinic for my sis, and to get a letter for TSA at the airport, so they won't make me take my faja off, or give me any difficulties. If you need one after your surgery, during your post-op just ask for a letter and the secretary will type one up, and you just pick it up in a couple days, or whatever.... Night ladies...
Thank you... I will post some a couple of weeks from now to see if there is any difference....
Yeah i got a card with my implant info u will meed that card to insure those implants fyi! And honestly bigger implants suck i have 560ccs salines n my boobs r so big n i did it b4 lipo so i got big ones to match my gut n now that i got Lipo i worry i screammmm fake lol my man says i dnt but sheesh idk im a 36dd with a 26 inch waist and 42 inch hips so i worry now so i think 400ccs wil b good plus they settle and fluff up and when mine fluffed i grew to a 38ddd or a 38f i lost weight which put me in the dd cup size
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have saw pics of the work she did on my girlfriend, and her friends and I am in love....

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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