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Naturally Thick Girl with an Hourglass - Dominican Republic, DO

Hey family. I am naturally thick (defined waist,...

Hey family. I am naturally thick (defined waist, big butt, even when i pick on weight). I do need a tummy tuck and massive lipo though on my flanks, hips and possibly butt to remove dimples. Does anyone have a similar body shape? What were/are your experiences? I am considering Dr. Yilly in the DR.
Ditto with the other 3 ladies. Welcome to the site. Get ready to be totally engulfed with reading everyone's story & looking at pics. I'm having a tummy tuck with lipo on my torso (flanks, hips, and back) in late November. I can't wait! Good luck & keep us posted.
Welcome. post some pics if you can. that way is one of the other RS ladies have that body type, you may see what he results will resemble in the finished product. Good Luck with your search. I'm having sx in Dec. with Dr. Duran. They say her specialty is thick woman. So, thats where I'll be. LOL!!!
I agree with Brownsugar053, I know you mentioned lipo in the booty area however I would suggest you speak with your surgeon of choice and maybe just get some fat transfer to fill out those troubled areas, if that's an option to you. Please keep me posted on your journey and what you decide to do best wishes.....
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