I Want to Be a Duran Doll - Dominican Republic, DO

I am new on RS and I want to be a Duran doll. I...

I am new on RS and I want to be a Duran doll. I have seen her work on this website and I am impressed. As you can see in my profile pic I have a lot of stomach fat. I do have a booty but the picture doesn't show it as well because of all the fat I have in my midsection. I have had two kids with two C-sections. I hate my C-section! Because of the weight gain my stomach hangs over the scar. Before I had my first child I was a good weight of 135 pounds and I am 5'2. The weight was mostly in my booty. Now after having two kids I weigh 170 pounds. There was a moment where I got down to 133 pounds after my first pregnancy but my stomach was never the same. I want my flat stomach back!! I wanted to know what exactly is included in a liposculpture. I know I definitely need a tummy tuck. I was hoping to use some of the fat from my stomach fat for my booty and maybe a slight hip enhancement. Please help!!

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Here are some wish pics.
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All the best on your journey, you have to contact a consultant to get onto her, follow on IG.
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Welcome to RS. I've contacted Duran since May and I have not heard from her yet.
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I emailed Dr. Duran. I am waiting for a response and its been two days :(.
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Thanks for starting a review.  As far as what liposculpture involves, here is a great overview:
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thank you.
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