It took me a while to Figure out which dr I wanted...

It took me a while to Figure out which dr I wanted to go to. I was stuck between Cabral,Contreras, and Robles. I decided to go with Robles because I love her Boobs and how she sculpts the waist. I also like the fact the she has good communication if I have a question I can Text Laura or email her and I always get a quick reponse. Cabral is just hard to get in touch with and he his mainly known for his really good BBL. I just didn't like the fact that he is hard to get in touch with and his quote doesn't really include anything. He doesn't prepare you for anything. Do not get me wrong he is an amazing doctor and I love his work he just isn't the one for me. Now Contreras he has the cheapest price and responds to all my questions but he just does not have a good reputation and idk if I would be comfortable trusting my body in his hands with so many unanswered rumors. On that note I have all my supplies I need. I sent my deposit now I'm just waiting for the day to come. The groups on Facebook are amazing they really help inform you about many things. I will be staying at Virginias RH iv heard many good things about it My room was reserved through Robles. Right now I just don't have much to say it's a waiting game. My flight leaves May 17th I will arrive May 18th and sx will be the next morning. I decided not to get the bbl I'm only doing ba and full body lipo. I really hate my boobs and love handles. Waist down I love I am planning to ask Robles her opinion if she says I need one I will get one. Well dolls that's all I have for now. I have emailed almost every doctor in DR so if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Good luck I will be following u. I can't wait until my time comes
Thanks 4 sharing following Ur journey
Thank you all. 16 more Days I will upload b4 pics as soon as I get home.


Okay so I have been thinking about what size I want I'm thinking between 350cc and 400cc I don't want anything huge just nice round and perky. Also see alot of incisions around the nipple. Mine are very light so I don't want the scar I wonder if Dr Robles can make the incision under the boob. I sent her an email but I'm sure she'll only be able to answer that question in person. Also my mother is going to Cabral (I Have a Young Mom) I'll also be writing a little about her experience. We are have going the same day she is having sx the day after me to make sure I'm okay. Goodnight Dolls #16days whoop!!

failed to mention

I see alot of Robles reviews but most women are having TT I never see reviews on just lipo so I hope I can help the women that are wanting just lipo and not a TT. I'm also very tall I'm 5'9 180ibs I don't have children yet so I want to wait until after kids to get a TT. So Boobs and Lipo feel free to ask me anything I don't know much about TT.
glad you made a real self i forgot to mention the facebook group in mine. cant wait to finally meet in person. glad to know someone else at my recovery house.
When will you be there doll??

Me pre op

pre op pics

I know my boobs look good in my pre op pics but I promise it's all bra pad and push up can do alot lol... I'm not positive about getting a bbl I like my butt I think once I get my waist smaller it'll look alot bigger. What do you dolls think??

More Pre Op

Don't look as good fully NAKED. BLAHH
May 14-21st. I was the one that messaged you on fb lol.
Oh okay lol


So I'm sitting here looking at all the bbls and I really want one. I just don't know if I want to add another $1000 to my quote of $5200. Ugh why can't I make up my mind about this?? I still want to have a good foundation when I come home but a new booty is totally worth it. If Robles says u deff need it I'll get it. I just need to get there!! Ugh
#15Days #Stressing
I feel ya on the BBL. I want a TT and BA. But the BBLs look sooooo good it makes me feel as if I need it.
Yes girl it's so confusing like I'll be like I don't need it but than I'll see a wish pic and go but u want it lol. I wish she could just shape the butt that I already have.


So I have been looking at Dr. CONTRERAS work and omg these girls are looking So good I know he doesn't have the best attitude but I'm not trying to be his friend I just want aggressive lipo and I'm having second thoughts about Robles. It's kind of a gamble going to Contreras but I'm only getting lipo and ba it's not like I'm getting something big like a TT Contreras also included bbl ba and full body lipo in his quote Robles wants and extra $1000 for bbl. Hmmm I'm so confused.

13 Days till take off

So in 10 Days I'll be in DR and I'm still debating on my doctor. I think I will just put faith in DR Robles I love her work although she does mainly TT. I love how she does boobs I just want my waist small. I think I'm panicking I'm going to just get to her office and speak to her b/c iv only spoke to Laura. If Robles looks at me and says I can't give you what you want I'll go to Contreras. He is my plan B. I have decided no BBL I like my butt just give me a smaller waist I'll be happy.
I was also thinking I had my wisdom teeth pulled and my face was so swollen for about a week I finally put ice on it and the swelling went away I wonder if ice will help the swelling with lipo?? Hmmm
It's worth a try I never see anyone talk about it or try it, Ice packs in my fajas lol.
The things we do for beauty
Goodnight Dolls :-)


So in 13 Days I'll be in DR*
Good luck! Keep us posted

So Ready for this.

So I have a little less than 2 weeks life I'm really just trying to keep my Hemo levels up and I think next week I'll start spring cleaning and getting everything ready. My friend just had a bbl with Diaz and looks amazing. I'm so happy for her it's my turn next. I got an email from Laura letting me know where to meet the driver and to confirm that we are still on. So I guess that made it really I text her yesterday panicked about my results stressing that I wanted small waist and no love handles! She said I have nothing to worry about. I am going to put all my worries in God's hands and just have Faith. I know he will be with me every step of the way. Thank you ladies that are following my journey please don't hesitate to ask me anything.

Arm Lipo

Considering arm lipo. Has anyone had it done?? Do you have to wear the faja with sleeves 24/7 ? Did u see a difference?? It's summer and in Texas it's hot not trying to wear a faja with sleeves.
GD luck im leaving tomorrow am to see Robles and im excited
That's great girl I wish the best for you keep us posted!


So as yall know I am debating on getting a bbl or not. Here are pics of me pre op I took them today sorry about the mirror the shower is on and its foggy. My 10 day count down starts tomorrow Im beginning to get nervous! I went to HEB and got some pineapple and Cucumbers im going to start making a juice and continue post op I was told its very good for the swelling. I started packing today but was told most likely will be sleeping in just my faja so Im only packing things like panties, tank tops, shorts, and a few maxi dresses for appointments. Idk how I am going to get through these next 10 days all I can think about is sx. BTW Laura has been very kind and answers all me questions even added me on facebook and Instagram I feel like I know her already lol. I honestly have nothing negative to say about my pre op experience lets just pray and have faith that my post op experience is the same. Ill be staying a Virginias only because Gianna RH had no room available and its included in Robles quote. Other wise I would be staying with Gianna if im uncomfortable at Virginias my plan B is to call Gianna. Did I mention my mother and aunt are also having sx with cabral?? I will try my best to let you all know theyre experience as well. Thank you all for reading my reviews I hope I can help someone as much as all the other realself dolls have helped me.
Congrats. Can't wait to hear all about your post op


So I have decided that ............ IM GETTING A BBL lol, I just woke up and said why not I have the money I'm just scared of the pain so I'm getting bbl ladies. Not a donk just sculped mine nice and round. I Just got a cute pink boppy pillow from amazon my mother always taught me not to half ass so I'm doing everything! No round 2 for me my minds made up! #9Daystilltakeoff
Best of luck!

switched Doctors

I will be going to DR Edgar Contreras
I switch drs because Robles assistant told me that she does not Do aggressive lipo and I want a really small waist I also didn't feel like spending another $1000 to add bbl and not be comfortable in knowing for sure if I will have the results I wants. Yes I have heard negative things about this doctor but I have also heard negative things about almost every doctor specially Duran and Yilly and people still go to them. So please no Negative comments because I do not care to hear them I put all my negative thoughts into God's hands and I know God will be watching over me and everything will be great!
Contreras Did the back of my arms for free and he did a great job. The arms hurt a bit but the massages helped greatly. I had surgery on 3/24. Check my profile out
Thank you girl

8 days

So DR Robles assistant Laura called me to change my mind but I feel 100% sure about my decision. Still going to Contreras and I can't wait!!


Now my advice to the ladies not involved with the facebook groups stay out of them. Its just a lot of petty pre op women that have nothing nice to say. If people care and really want to follow your experience I recommend doing it on realself so that you can give your opinion without people attacking you. Something happened today that really pissed me off before when I was going to Robles everyone wanted to follow my journey but now that I am going to Contreras I am being attacked and kicked out of groups its honestly ridiculous and very petty. Every Doctor has they're issues and guess what people still go to them everyone has theyre own experience and these girls because women do not do these petty things want results that just aren't realistic and get mad at the doctor because of it. I pray that Contreras proves these women wrong and does a fab job on this body.

wish Pics

I can't wait to see your results! How did you get in contact with him? Where can you find his before and after bbl pics? I'm having a hard time find pics.
Through email and you can see pictures on his instagram
What is his Instagram?

Changed Doctors Again

So I had a friend that had surgery with Contreras and I feel like he did a horrible job and I refuse to put my body in the hands of a man that is so careless. I have gone back to my first choice which was Robles you cannot go wrong with her. Sorry to disappoint all of the Contreras fans but I had faith in him too and he let me down. Well I leave in the morning I will keep you all updated!
Good luck.....cant wait to see your results. Take care of you and keep us posted.
good luck hun you are deff in good hands! robles did not disappoint me at all. my results where better than I expected and i am a lot bigger than you. even though my stomach is swollen I can already see a coke bottle figure. I hope u come to Virginians!
oh yeah and im think im done with the fb group. a lott of them are pretty and probably will never have surgery and think they know every damn thing.

All Packed up and ready to go!!

So my flight leave out of Austin so I'll be leaving my house in the morning to head there and get on the plane I'm so excited I have an 8 hour lay over in Miami but I'm seeing another Doll so time will fly by. I think I'm more nervous about leaving my baby girl (my cat) I have a baby sitter for her staying at my place. Right now I'm not nervous about surgery I'm anxious and ready I have Faith in God and Robles and I'm ready for this! Pray for me dolls! Lord knows I need as many as I can get. My mom leaves Sunday so I'll be flying alone Virginia is picking me up from the airport and I'm meeting Laura for exams and everything. I can't wait to meet her she is an amazing person (so far) lol. I'm going to stress Robles small waist nice Boobs round butt! Good night ladies I'll Update tomorrow this doesn't seem real yet!
Hi, I guess because I'm only on the groups in the evening or when I can sneak a peek between meetings I missed a lot of what has been happening to you. I'm so sorry for all of the pettiness you have encountered. We each have our own journey to walk and that includes choosing the doctor we believe will give us the body of our dreams. Good luck and I'm sending many prayers up for your healthy and speedy recovery and also a special one that you look in the mirror and fall in love with what you see no matter who was holding the instruments.
Thank you doll 2
Hey babe! I'm in the FB groups too and they can be such BS. I had to block a few bad apples myself. But I'm so excited for you! Prayers up for your wheels up!

It Just Hit Me!!!

So all day yesterday I was just so chill had to get on 2 planes I met a friend of mine in Miami for my 8 hour lay over now I'm sitting here waiting to board and it hits me like wtf are you doing lol I'm getting on a plane to Santo Domingo and I'm having surgery tomorrow this is that last day in this body. It's crazy how my anxiety just hit me out of nowhere my stomach is turning and I'm just excited and nervous at the same time. I'm meeting Laura today at 3:00 I'm so excited to meet her she has been wonderful even when I changed Doctors she knew I would be a Robles barbie and saved my date anyways she is the best!
About to board I'll update after my testing and everything.
Can't wait to see your results! Happy healing, love... Sooo anxious for my turn! Can you pm me Contreras email information, I am looking to get a quote for a bbl&ba ASAP, as I'm changing mii mind about Pantoja plz help!

May 18th pre op

So I arrived at the airport and almost had an anxiety attack taxi driver literally bomb rush you and there a big group of people with signs and no one speaks English NO ONE! And my phone doesn't work so that was no use either so I stand in a corner looking like a lost puppy and than I spot Virginia standing there with my name Wheew big sigh of relief she hugs me and we go to the car. We arrive to the house and first thing I notice is damn it's hot in here look for the ace and there is no ace! Last thing I want to worry about is being hot after surgery. Anyways we eat lunch and it was so good! Love Virginia to death but this just isn't the recovery house for me. We head to cecip which I might say is beautiful they check me in and bring me to my room which isn't bad at all. Not much later Laura comes in btw she is by far the sweetest person EVER she made me feel so comfortable we tried on different implants sizes and laughed like we were best friends than Doctor Robles comes in who by the way is beautiful I didn't even recognize her lol I asked Laura is this dr Robles and she laughed and said yes. I told her she needs to take new pictures because she is so pretty in person. Anyways she marked me up and we talked about things she complimented me on my butt lol and said we will just do a little bigger lol she talked me from 350cc breast implants to 500cc which is crazy because I didn't want huge boobs but she is the professional. I always make jokes with my mom about her big boobies and now I'm going to have them lol. My mom Flys in at 9:00 I'm trying to stay awake and wait for her I'm so home sick already and there's no way I could do this on my own. I miss her and it's been a whole day lol.
Well good night ladies this Is my last night In my natural body I'm so ready to feel comfortable and sexy in my own skin I just pray that Robles can give me the results I want. I love her and laura they are a great team so far skin good no complaints about team Robles btw he name is Robe-less lol I've been saying it so wrong this whole time. Well ill write in the morning!

Surgery time !

So they just woke me up to have me put on my gown and now I'm waiting for the blue pill I'm definitely not going first because it's already 8:40. Last night a nurse got an attitude with me and refused to give my mom a blanket and it was freezing in here! And I honestly wanted to just have surgery and go home so I'm not looking forward to recovering here in DR.
They look gorgeous already. Listen to all the doctors instructions and speedy recovery.
Hope everything went well. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery
Good Luck hon!


I'm so swollen! But my boobs are amazing the nurses at cecip take very good care of me I don't have to ask for a thing I actually don't want to leave! I'm really tired though so short and sweet here's a sneak peek

Super swollen


So I took a sneak peek and here's my butt I'm in no pain just exhausted and wait on my blood transfusion I have to get 2 I'm really weak and my eyes hurt. I love my results and it's only day 1 I hope my tummy goes down soon.
Look good!! Happy healing doll , have a good recovery and a safe flight back home. God bless you doll!!
Rest and keep us updated.

2 Days Post Op

So today no pain at all I'm frustrated with the swelling because my tummy is bigger than before and I want to see my shape so bad! Here's an update
your BOOBS and BOOTY looks AWESOME!!

2 days post op

U look amazing! Happy healing.. keep us posted. .
You look great!!!

9 days post op

Feeling great waiting for this swelling to go down about to start captivation treatment along with my lymphatic massages.
Wow you look good!
You look amazing. Love the boobies!

2 weeks post op

Still really swollen 2 more weeks until I switch to my stage 2 faja
YOU LOOK AWESOME...dat ASS is (no homo)....LOL
looking great :))

3 Weeks post op

My itching is horrible! My belly is taking FOREVER to be flat! But it's getting there
Yes you do look amazing!!! I'm just curious as to how big your butt was b4 she did the surgery? I am 145lbs and I have the flattest ass I do not want a Nicki Minaj booty (a lil smaller) but just big enough that it looks natural for my body. (I wanna be able to "TWERK IT"!! You booty is perfect!! Its not too big and its not too small. My problem is that I am concerned I may not have enough fat to transfer to my ass. I may need an implant or Injections I'm a lil skeptical about that tho! (heard too many horror stories) Like yourself I have also done my research and have read all the negative and positive reviews but your the only RECENT post that I have seen with pic from ur surgery. Lord knows a need a boob job too but everyone does boob jobs these days but not anyone can make you look like "Barbie", or give you that really nice "Hour Glass Figure" or that nice plump round booty!!!
I had a butt before Dr Robles just reshaped it and did an amazing job I went to her because she is the best at boobs and I looooovvvee my boobs and she definitely gave be the hour glass shape
Look amazing! Beautiful lady! Rubbing alcohol is good for the itching! Heal well!!

4 weeks post op

I get smaller every week the 2 stage garment is a beast and my tummy is finally getting flat lipo foam helps alot and the lymphatic drainage massages are amazing!
Heyy u look great. What are your implant profile and brand
What is your current weight now?
Idk if your pre op or post op but after surgery my weight is never the same literally I'm 5'9 189ibs before and when I got home I was 205 and when I woke up the next morning I was 185 so my weight is never the same I have no clue what I weigh and it's crazy because I'm alot smaller

5 weeks Post op

I stay in a swim suite lol loving this new bod of mine
Looking super good !

Round 2

So ladies I have Decided to have a round 2 with Dra Yilly I looooovvvee my Dra Robles results BUT! My waist could be smaller I know ungrateful me I know lol but I love my bootaayy and boobs just want these love handles completely gone Yilly quoted me 3800 for lipo of abdomen inner thigh and arms.
You look amazing! Hope you don't mind but I'm gonna use your pics as my dream pics! I'm having sx with Robles on the 15th!
It's fine lol I have more pics on IG if you want to follow me Christinrachelle__
I don't have instagram believe it or not.. lol! Hopefully Robles will recognize her own work haha.. but you did start out with a pretty amazing body as it is. I am jealous!

6 weeks

Getting smaller every week although my swelling is not going away
Unfortunately swelling can take 6mos - 1 year to dissipate, but you look great
You look good! It'll take a while for swelling to leave though. As long as you are eating/drinking right and wearing that faja you should be good though.

Facebook groups

Hi ladies I have deleted myself from all Facebook groups I'm annoyed with the drama from pre op women that have no clue what they are talking about so for my Round 2 I am documenting it on here I already started another review thank you ladies for your continued support it is greatly appreciated! Feel free to inbox me.

Click here to read my Round 2 Review

justttt loveeeee itt my wish body u look just fine! beautifullll
You look GREAT! You don't need anything! I'm going to PM you!
You look amazing. I'm 5 weeks post op an want a round 2 too, lol.

21/2 months

So I'm having an issue with my left implant sharp pain and swelling I have a lot of extra skin and it just doesn't feel right I have messaged Robles and Laura and sent my pictures it's been a week and all I get back from them is that they will review my records and figure out what needs to be done the doctors here reject me because I went out of the country it's just a mess I wish Robles can tell me if she will fix this or not so I can fly out there and get this fixed. I'm losing faith in her wishing I went to Dr yilly I spoke to her about it and she said she will fix my boobs and do more lipo on my tummy because I still have love handles.
If you do decide to get your arms done, you will love your results. I had mine done almost 2 months ago.
I just read your journey and your results are Fabulous,you are very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry about your breast and i hope they address your concern in a timely manner. Best Wishes Bella
I hope the issue is not serious keep me updated. Good luck hunny

3 months post op

I can't believe it's been 3 months already!
I'm very disappointed in Dr Robles post op care I had my MRI and it came back that my implant (left) has shifted and since Dr Robles didn't do a life my skin stretched making my implant fall I also have pockets of fluid which is why it's so swollen my right breast is a DD left is a DDD I currently can't wear a bra and it sucks. Dr Robles is making me pay again to have them fixed which is not okay with me. She has yet to give me the exact amount but I planned to go to Columbia to have round 2 but it looks like I'm going to have to make a trip back to DR smh. I'm not happy with my stomach Robles does lipo your mid stomach so when I'm bloated it's only in that one are and it is disgusting. And my butt as deflated making my love handles pop out again. I made up my mind to go to Cabral for more lipo and a few days later have Robles fix my boobs. She will be doing a lift with smaller implants 350cc under the muscle.


Robles doesn't lipo mid stomach
please reconsider using Cabral..he has a horrible reputation, has had many patients die, and when he was in the US was doing surgery in the basement of a home and butchering him...Yily has also had some deaths....please do your are young, and beautiful..don't take chances with your life xo
My mother had surgery with Cabral he is an amazing surgeon a
Even with the flaws you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I hope the revision is done correctly and to your satisfaction. I love your curves from waist to hips. I can notice breast but not stomach and no pic of your butt,so it's really hard to notice. I know you can,it's your body. Best of Luck on round 2.


I was really happy with my body at one point I feel like I waisted all of my hard earned money smh... Robles doesn't give a damn do not fall for the sweetie emails ec... unless your getting a TT don't even waste your time.
hey i went to robles also i paid 4100 for just lipo and i barely see a difference ... what doctor are you going to for your second round?
I'm going to Cabral I rather spend the extra money and know I'll be happy
yeaaa I'm gonna try yily
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Regret my Round 1 waste of my money and I feel like I could have gotten more for my money somewhere else.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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