38 Years Old Mom of 2 in Need of Lipo/tt/breast Implants - Dominican Republic

Hi girls, i am flying to DR on 7th of september...

Hi girls, i am flying to DR on 7th of september and doing my surgery on the 8th with dr Baez. I think i will be staying at Daisy's recovery house. My question is if there are other womans who are doing surgery in DR at that time, so maybe we can share information and or rooms if it clicks. I'll be travelling alone and a bit nerveus. So if any of you go around that date maybe we can hook up.
Happy trails on your journey to DR. Wishing you the Best! Do you have any before pics? Thanks
Check the Surgery Calendar  or the Travel Buddies forum for other ladies that are also heading to the DR for surgery dates around the same time as yours- good luck finding a buddy!
ohw thank you verry much

2 weeks to go

2 weeks to go, almost everything packed and ready for take of : ) A bit nervous but also happy that it,s finally happening. I am thinking to do liposculpture maybe a tummy tuck and a breast enlargment. But i will see what dr Baez thinks i need. I will post some photo,s later from my body how it looks now.
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