Confused Between Dr.Yily in DR or Dr. Salama in FL... I Want to Do the BBL

Im so confused about who to go to for the BBL....

Im so confused about who to go to for the BBL. Both there reviews are quite good and there before and after pictures are extraordinary. Im just confused about which great doctor to go to and was hoping some of you fabulous ladies can help me, especially anyone who has had surgery by either doctors.

I really want the small tiny waist line and Dr.Yily sculpts the waist line wonderfully and tiny but Dr.Salama does the nice boootayyy, Please help. Thanks.

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Hello, I would go with the person the does the procedure as best match for what I want for my body. I will be going to Dr. Yily in March because her sculpting is some of the best I've seen from any PS
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Have you looked through all of the doctors reviews? If you find any reviews that particularly stand out to you, you can always leave a comment on the review, or PM the community member with questions. The BBL ladies are always welcoming and ready to help out!

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