My Wish Pics and pre op -Dominican Republic, DO

Ok well I'm adding my wish body photos and I also...

Ok well I'm adding my wish body photos and I also added a photo of me, I think for 3 kids I do look good but I want to look Gorgeous, turn heads because I would be sexy lol, I hope this all works out for what I am imagining it to be. Again I am 5"5" and weight 147.5 I am looking to get Lipo and BBL.
I think you're beautiful, and from the looks of it, you're staying active, but be careful to limit your time in the sun to early AM or later afternoon with a great sunscreen. Good luck, and remember, you are beautiful!
I live in the caribbean all we have is sun, I try my best but get burn easily. Thank you for the kind words

more pics of me

I use to go to the gym to try lose the lower belly but not working and the back rolls is just ridiculous. I also did a lot of walking and jogging, but I got really slim and still had the pouch Grrrr
Who are you going to? Good luck on your journey
I have made a decision so far to go to Dr. Manuel Diaz, to me his work is not that extreme and he provides more of a natural look, which is what I'm going for.
Welcome and congratulations!

I wonder if I am getting skinner

So I am not on any kind of diet, just am naturally small, but sometimes I feel by the time my surgery date reach, I might be too slim and wont have enough fat to transfer, altho I dont want much. here is a picture I took today.

me today

I wish I could have this done tomorrow, my baby daddy is doing everything in his power to discourage me from getting this done. Maybe because we are not together and he might be jealous he's not experiencing it with me.

no booty at all

So there is no difference between my ass and my legs, I really need some booty, so sad it makes me want to cry. Can't wait for this to happen.
Good luck on your journey.
Hey sweetie,how are you? Any updates?
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