Dr Baez or Dr Duran ? - Dominican Republic

Hi it is my first time on here I'm 18 and from...

Hi it is my first time on here I'm 18 and from London looking to get this done sometime next year & I'm looking to get lipo on my arms stomach and back plus get butt transfer.. I am still stuck on who I should get my procedure with I want a small waist and really big butt lol is Duran perfect for this?
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Good luck on your journey girl, I wish I would of done this procedure back when I was younger!!!
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That's quite a list you got there for just an 18-year-old. You sure you need all that stuff?
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Welcome RS ! What's your height n weight ? Are you going to post pre opt pics and then post opt to help see how your enhancement progresses along ur journey? Best wishes chk out dr. Yily or Dr. Baez as well !
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