Up-coming Procedures Around March 8th, 2014 - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi my name is Angeline R. I am looking forward to...

Hi my name is Angeline R. I am looking forward to traveling to Dominican Rep in the beginning of March (around the 7th). I am Dominican, from Santiago (Speak spanish and all). H: 5'2 W: 110

Lets see if you guys can compare... I want to have the perfect body shape (don't we all).
I want to get a couple things done but, then again not sure if the doctor might consider it too much surgery.. (sighs)

Considering Buttock & Breast Implants... I had a daughter 1year & 5months ago, no stretch-marks or anything nor complications.. As far as myself being so skinny but wanting a perfect coke shape not sure if i can or should get a Lipo for a perfect or desirable waist (PLEASE HELP!!!)

Also since I am considering going to DR in March I have about 3-4 Doctors in mind that i would like to share so in that form I can get opinions from actual Patients. If anyone knows what the cost can be for the following procedures let me know and If anyone knows any in Santiago please know me as well.. The one's i have been researching are in Santo Domingo.

Here are the Doctors:
1). Dra. Walkiris Robles
2). Dra. Yily De Los Santos
3). Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

I'll post pictures at a later time :)
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If you are looking for a buddy I am just waiting for my quote from duran. I am looking to schedule somewhere between the 7-15. As soon as I get my quote im booking
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I wanna go in March. Need help
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Welcome to RS.I will be following your journey. Good Luck trying to book a date with Dra.Duran. It been two month and have not getting my quote but she did Responding to my email concerning The procedure I want to have done. Dra Never gave me a price. If she does give date if you don't mind we can buddy up.
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Are you still planning to go?
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