Looking Forward to a NEW Me - Dominican Republic, DO

She responded quickly with quote. I ad been...

She responded quickly with quote. I ad been interested in Dr Cabral but I've heard to many horror stories and I will not put my life in that mans hands. (Just my opinion ladies) Yasmin from jasmines recovery house has been a blessing she answers all my questions and concerns promptly. Will write a better review after because I am still pre op.


I'm so nervous ladies. My flight is in the morning. I will be getting picked up by Yasmin and we will go to cipla for testing. Wish me luck ladies.
Dr Duran

will review after

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Good Luck
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Good luck please lmk how it goes
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What all are you getting done?
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Bbl and maybe bl
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Welcome and good luck doll
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Welcome to the community :)
Have you decided how many CCs you want to get?
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