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31 day countdown to Duran soo I have been...

31 day countdown to Duran soo I have been searching for recovery houses look what I found 1 Daisy recovery ,fantasy, real recovery Armonia, carmelia, healing haven. I believe these May be real recovery houses with professional website I Do Not have all the info costs deposit ect. But here is a great start better than I had hope this helps someone
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How did you get in contact with her? Please send me the info
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Congrats dear. I am trying to send my deposit to Duran via my bank on Monday. Did you have any trouble sending your deposit? Please keep me posted on everything thanks!
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Not really but she didn't check for it she said don't worry girl just bring your receipt but I did reconfirm with Liz I also asked if I should come 1 day before for test got no response
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Oh. Ok. A lot of ladies say to go the day before your surgery to do your testing. I was told to just send a pic of the receipt and then call Elizabeth to schedule my date. Thanks
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