Finding a Doctor is a Struggle !!!

I've been looking on this website for so long so I...

I've been looking on this website for so long so I just decided to make a page. I've been researching so many doctors in Dominican republic and its either I find a great story or a horrible experience. Me being stubborn I'm still considering going with a few doctors I heard so so ratings about. I first considered dr Alejandro but he quoted me 6500 for a tummy tuck bbl lipo of my back and inner thighs I think that's a little pricey. After airfare and paying for where I'm going to stay forget about it. I've been trying for days to get in touch with cuerpo y figura y armonia in Colombia because rumor has it that's where "m0m0s0fly" and "curvyj" have had surgery there and their bodies are amazing. Still waiting for a response from them. NOW AS FAR AS...getting in contact with dr. Yily and dr. Duran is impossible I've tried and tried because they are my two choices for DR. My body had caused me such a great deal of depression it seems like all I think about is surgery. I was diagnosed with a skin cystic disease that inhibits me from being in the heat for a long time or doing a lot of working out because my body literally breaks out with cysts and its so painful. Everyone tells me I Have such a pretty face guess I just need the body to match. If anyone knows how to get in contact with these doctors or has recommendations for someone else please let me know. My DREAM doctor would be dr jimmerson or even dr salama but their prices are so high and have waiting lists till 2015. Yeah RIGHT...anyways hope to talk to some of you girls soon xoxo

Duran wrote me back

So I finally got an answer and she told me to call her assistsant to pick a date I made a date for aug 21ar her earliest available still not feeling really confident though the receptionist didn't even want my last name...well see.

Pre-op pics

I want to add more pre op pics but I have 6 tattoos lol uh dead give away if someone I know is on here once my weight goes down ill just take some pics covered up. Reviews are honestly boring to me without pics not trying to be one of those lol till next time..

Getting depressed...

I really want duran to do my other surgeries (BBL,lipo etc) but I just can't reach her and when I do she never fully responds always leaves me hanging. The work she's done is perfect the girls that have had her as a doctor are so lucky. I should be excited about my tummy tuck that I'm getting here in 2 weeks but I know my body won't be complete without that bbl :'(


I'm not gonna be one of these girls chasing and hunting down dr yily and duran...the whole waiting game this is bull**** so if someone can recommend a doctor that's great at BBL's and lipo sculpting I'm all ears. I'm paying someone to operate on my body and putting my life in their hands I shouldn't have to BEG a doctor to let me their patient. I was interested in dr Robles until I saw a girls review and her tummy tuck results were scary I feel so bad. I have a set date with duran like previously stated but I'm not sending a dime if the woman can't even answer me.


Okay so I DID MY RESEARCH the CIPLA clinic in which duran and yily work has shut down because a 21 year old girl died mid surgery the beginning of June. I want a doctor I can trust I have a child to raise. The craze is ridiculous I know there has to be good doctors in DR
Dr Duran

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dr. baez in dr check her out
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Hello, does Dr. Duran have a website or can you tell me where I can find more pictures?
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Dra Agustina Hilario DurĂ¡n(Dra Hilario) > Facebook
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DrahilarioDuran ...on Instagram
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Hey hun any luck I swear I feel just like you smh lol
  • Reply try looking into Dr. Almonte, she has done great work and is a sweet heart!
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Yes, I seen pictures of Dr. Almonte work and Im amazed ...the assistant Lesley Maria is a sweetheart..I love her already..shes a wonderful,caring person, she keeps in touch and will answer every question..Im goin to DR in June of 2014, Me and My Bff ...Im getting a Tummy tuck/ liposculpture of the back & a BBL..My bff is getting a breast reduction and a lift...Im super excited and have gotten quotes from at least 3 other plastic surgeons in DR....she dont have too many pictures up, but i like the work i seen ..and a young lady on here & youtube did her tutorial / journey ..but i feel u have to let them know exactly what your looking for and wish pictures;).
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my procedures $4200 and including the recovery house transportation its $5,100, it's a very good price
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Dose $4200 include massages or insurance?
  • Reply or Those are the two Im going with, Im, not sure who im picking yet. check them out
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Yeah it is, however you may wanna call your surgeon because I saw that dr Yili which is a CIPLA dr posted on her FB that she is temporarily operating at another clinic and that hopefully Cipla will reopen soon. So your dr might be doing the same thing.
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I will tell you to go to a doctor in CECIP, or with my dr, Luis Andres Cordero but he is a little bit more pricey but he is excellent, im going to have my surgery with him 7/3 my friend had hers done by him, cipla is closed down
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Wow ...Dominican I keep gearing that CIPLA is closed!
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What is cipla the clinic?
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