38 Years Old with 4 Kids, I Am Getting a TT, BBL, and Possibly Breast Reduction - Dominican Republic

4 kids, no exercise, bad eating has ruined my body...

4 kids, no exercise, bad eating has ruined my body. I am 235 lbs and 5'4" tall. I have consulted 2 Dr.'s, Dra Yily and Dr. Hernandez. Both Dr.'s told me I need to lose 35 lbs in order to have the surgery. So, This is the beginning of my weight loss journey. I have seen a woman that got the surgery at my size and I think it turned out bad. She was happy and that's all that matters but for myself. I was looking for a leaner look. I like both Dr.'s work but I am leaning towards Dr. Hernandez. He makes you stay in the DR for 11 nights and I think that may be a good idea. I haven't gotten a quote from him yet but I know I can have my weight down by the desired date of surgery which will be FEB. 2015. If any one has any suggestion about a exercise plan or vitamin supplement please comment I would like to get the weight of by Nov. 2014 so I can schedule my surgery and send in my deposit.


Warning, long post ahead. Were you planning to get the TT and the BBL done at the same time? If not, you might want to consider doing the BBL first, in part to save yourself some discomfort, in part to start your body down the path to a more hourglass shape. As for exercise/vitamins/weight loss: 35 lbs in 2 months is probably doable, but that works out to about 4 lbs per week. Please realize this as you start this journey. If you opt for just the BBL, then you can take some of the pressure off yourself for the next couple months. In general, any sort of exercise/nutrition plan will be challenging to start and to stick with. I would urge you to consider something like CrossFit where there's a group dynamic, ie, other people who are working just as hard as you are, regardless of fitness level. Note that running on a treadmill in the "fat burning zone" will continue to burn fat for about 20 mins after you stop, but a CrossFit metcon will continue to burn fat for up to 2 hours after you finish. And it doesn't matter if someone else is squatting 250 lbs if you're only able to squat 50 lbs; if you're working as hard as you can to lift it, then that's all that matters. Seriously. You will probably discover some mobility issues along the way; that's okay, learn how to do the proper mobility stretches/exercises. On the nutrition side: Just eat real food. You could follow a plan like Paleo or the Zone if you need some guiding principles or menu ideas, but if it comes in a box or a can or has a label which has a confounding list of ingredients to explain what it is you're about to eat, then don't eat it. The same could be said for any heavily advertised food, such as McDonald's. Delicious food doesn't need to be boring, either. Any overprocessed carbs are just bad news. Stay away from things like Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, and the like; those are just "liquid sugar in a can/bottle". And their diet equivalents are no better; when was the last time you heard of someone losing 50 lbs from simply changing from the sugary version of sodas to the diet version, and changing nothing else in their diet or exercise? The most difficult thing with any exercise or diet plan is to stick with it. You'll need to be around people who are in the same mindset as you, who are willing to help motivate you (and you them). You won't get that going to a regular gym, as everyone there is in it for themselves. You may also want to go through your pantry and check for tempting (unhealthy) snacks, and throw them out. It'll be difficult, but you won't be doing yourself any favors keeping them in the house. I hope this post didn't come across as preachy. I know you're looking for helpful ideas. I know a woman who started CrossFit last year (and changed up her diet) and lost a LOT of weight since then. She's looking a lot better, although her knees are in bad shape from having carried around the extra weight for the better part of 10 years. I do wish you the best of luck, whatever you choose to do. And I wish you the best of surgical results, too! (If there's anything you want to ask regarding what I've written here, I'll try to answer.)
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