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I am looking to go back to DR for a breast lift...

I am looking to go back to DR for a breast lift and lipo to stomach and thighs and arms. I really want to stick with Dr Robles because I love my new shape from tummy tuck but she wont do it all at once. I want to make this my last trip for surgery so imma looking to go with Yili or Hungria his boob jobs are amazing Yili lipo skills and body contour is amazing so undecided. Really thinking of Hungria because of his quote he gave me. But we will see. Keep yawl posted


Thank you for sharing your story with us :) I'm curious, how did you find out about Dr Hungria? I've been trying to do some research on him but I'm not finding much. I got a quote from him and the price was nice, so I'm defenitely considering him for my breast lift
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Actually online. Makemeheal and other people were talking about him so I Google him and I liked his work and he had great reviews
A breast lift and lipo doesn't seem like too much at once. I recently had a lift, implant exchange with new pockets, lipo to my hips and fat transfer to my face. Just watch lipo on inner thighs, i had it done years ago and ended up with "wavy" marks, also happens with arms. I don't know either of the docs, but best wishes in whichever you choose...
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Dr Hungria

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