Breast Lift with Implant - Dominican Republic, DO

Not sure why my first review wasn't posted...well...

Not sure why my first review wasn't posted...well here it goes. I am getting BA/BL along with a few other procedures with Edgar Contreras on 2/24/14. I chose to go with Contreras because he is one of the best Plastic Surgeons in DR, and his breast work is amazing. Anyways I am really busy, working on details about my trip and preparing for the holidays and so forth. I have changed my mind plenty of times, and created another profile to (this one) to start off fresh. This is my final decision based on his responses from me. He answers questions in a timely manner and addresses all concerns. I will not be posting my before pics but I do plan to document my journey going forward on RS. Well I am a 38 Saggy D cup but would like to be a DD... and perky... Well until next time....
Hi Vikki! I'm going to contreras also, sx date is on the 28th. :)

Glad you're here! Looking forward to following your journey. We'd be curious to see your other blog as it sounds like you went through a long decision process to get to your final decision on a PS. When you have a chance, we'd love to see some "wish photos" too. Keep us posted!

Dr. Edgar Contreras

Love that fact that he answers questions no matter how busy his schedule gets.

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