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I am looking to do breast and lipo i am pretty...

i am looking to do breast and lipo i am pretty much scared to get tummy tuck and get cut i dont have the help i need at home so i wont even do that to myself. i might hurt myself more being alone and moving around. if any of u ladies only got breast and lipo done pls let me know, im going to dr in march and need to this!!!
Lipo would do fine if you don't have a lot of loose skin.
keep us posted, planning to go to her in march, doing everything beside BA, I wanted to do fat transfer to my breast not sure if she is up to doing it.
3500 on states Washington Dc. Lower upper and flanks. I was 145 at time now im 120 but still have little left which now I can use for my butt lift. Silicone sheets will b good for scares wish someone told me that before and after surgery just an fyi. Also u will read about vitamins and lymphatic massages these r emparative to ur healing trust me. And wear ur girdle I did for at least 3 4 months. Sometimes my stomach still swells
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she charge to much who to choose grrr

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