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I'm 36, I have one child. He's 20 and has nothing...

I'm 36, I have one child. He's 20 and has nothing to do with what has become of my body. I was always a skinny girl. Then I started working in a office, not moving around as much as I use to. Now I'm thick and dont mind that, but I dont want to be a sloppy thick, with a butt that doesn't match. I'm looking for a Dr that does excellent sculpting, and not afraid to give you a butt. I've read and heard great things about Dr Duran, unfortunately I cant seem to come across any photos of her work. I would like to have my surgery done before my 37 bday in August. However, I do want to make the best decision, and choose the best Dr.

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When do u plan on having ur procedure.done.? I was looking into Dr.Robles . Her tummy tucks are on point.
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I LOVE Tahirys body too!!! And I recently fell IN LOVE with Durans work! Hows everything going??
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So today I spent hours researching Dr's, rh's, how long I would stay and a # of other things. Now its time for me to take pics of myself and send them to Dra Duran for a quote. When i schedule my date i will start looking for a buddy.
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