tt bbl and lipo with papa cabral sept 26th. - Dominican Republic

After my first round of lipo with another doctor...

After my first round of lipo with another doctor left me with lose skin (no fault of the doc) i will be going a second round with dr cabral in the dominican republic this time for a tummy tuck with lipo to my full back,waist and arms. He told me his Bmi requirement was 35 so i have to lose about 40 pounds before i can go to him. if anyone is going to be going to santo domingo around that time let me know so that we can maybe buddy up.


congrats! he is the King, cant wait to see your results
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got approved!

So my job approved the time off so i will be flying out i the 25th as sx on the 26th! I have until the to lose 40 pounds so i may do atkins diet till then! Will be booking my flight soon. Still looking for a buddy. i will most likely be staying at gianna Colombo rh but im still opened to other places


Any update??
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Our days are coming up!!! So freakin nervous!!! Good luck mama!!
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I'm going on the 28th of September. I'm also going to Cabral. I've decided to stay at serenity. If you are still open inbox me so we can team up.
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Hector Cabral

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