Team Yily !!! :) 3weeks po!!!! Dom. Rep.

Finally!!! scheduled w/Yily in April. Sent off...

Finally!!! scheduled w/Yily in April.
Sent off my deposit now to pre-op prepping ;)!!!
Current: 34-30-40 goal: 32-26-43
Bbl- lipo of full ab, back(bra fat.. Yes!!), arms,& flanks.

I have been researching this for about 2 yrs. and finally making a step!
I'm very excited and nervous :/
2mos and counting

M_Beauty-I have been searching RS for before and after pics of Yily's work. Any idea as to where I can locate a few? I have been reading the stories shared by the BBL Diva's on this site and so far Jimerson and Yily are top PS'. I have seen Jimerson's work and read great reviews, but the stories regarding Yily's sculpting is intriguing. Share what you know.. Smiles.
Thanks ladies very much appreciated ;)!!! And curvesgalore : the last email she sent to me about surgeries avail. In April was April 4,19, 20, 22, 23, 24
Thank u so much. Do i need to talk to them to inform of my deposit or are people just sending in deposits and calling after?

Ok so just bought all pre op meds!! so excited 1...

Ok so just bought all pre op meds!! so excited 1 month left leehh go!!!
Posting pre op photos ugh so embarrassing. But I'm confident Dra Yily will
Make me bootylicious :)!!!
Hey girly I'm also scheduled for April 4th yay !
ohh i almost have the same meausurments than u ! 39-30-40! cant wait to see yur results girllllll
Team Yily Cant wait to see ur pics i go may 20!

Hey Ladies!! My surgery is in exactly 1week!!...

Hey Ladies!! My surgery is in exactly 1week!! Aahhhh!! :)
Feeling every emotion possible but more excited and happy than anything,ready to get it over with..
And I'm Happy to announce my BFF is coming with me. So Ill have someone with me to help take care of me when I leave the Recovery house after 3 days..
Will update again when I make it to DR...;) and try to after surgery..
Awwwww shit... I'm jealous and excited at the same time.... Emotion Overload.....
Lol don't be.. But thanks love!!
Good luck!!!!!!! Ur gonna look great:-)

Yay!! Fly out to DR tonight won't be there til...

Yay!! Fly out to DR tonight won't be there til tomorrow though ...
Just uploaded some more pre op photos.
Soo ready... No pain no gain? Lol
Awesome!!!! Wishing u the best and good recovery. Please share
Yeahhhhhh!!!! Gurl... You gonna look beautiful you already have the shape they are only make it more defined....Smiling Hard Here in DC for you....
cant wait to see how Yily hooked you up! travel safe and heal fast!!!

Thank you ladies!!! :).. On my way to DR right...

Thank you ladies!!! :).. On my way to DR right now!! So nervous and anxious for tomorrow. Ready to get it over with.
Hey babes. Hope ur doing great nd healing up nicely. Wishing u a speedy recovery, xoxoxo.
Hey how's everything! Hope your healing well!!!
Hey luv how are you holding up

Finally!!! 1week post op!! The first 24hrs was...

Finally!!! 1week post op!!
The first 24hrs was brutal!!
Scale of 1-10.. 10!!!
Dra Yily is a very sweet,Confident and naturally beautiful woman ;)!!!

Long story short the night of my surgery was HELL!!! She didn't end up doing my arms I forgot to tell her when she was marking me up.. But I'm kind of glad because I have been using my arms a lot to get up and lay down. I don't need any more pain added!!! Anywho... Thank god for my Besttty!! Once the drugs wore of I tried to eat.. But threw up ugghh. :(
The hospital care isn't that great! However Jacqueline's RH is amazing All the nurses are very attentive!! They treat you like family plus the food is good :)!!
Honestly at first I was a little iffy about my results but I'm starting to like it more n more.. My stomach, back n va jay jay are still swollen.. And stomach has some lumps:/...

Going for my 1st massage tmrw...

I measured my waist today.. I'm 28in
Hopefully wants this swelling goes down ill lose a couple more inches

My hips/bum measure at 43in it better stay that way too lol

Have any questions feel free to ask

Thank you again ladies for your support!!! Ttyl
Hows week 2 going?
U look great babe!!! Super curvy. And ur just a week out. The end result is gonna b super fab. Take care boo. Xoxo
Yes love, I hope so :)!! Getting better day by day.. Thank you!! ;)

Hey there ladies...!! So I'm back with week...

Hey there ladies...!!
So I'm back with week 3
Been very busy with work and family.. Any who I feeling much better. Still very sore when sitting for long periods and if I get up too fast :(. My upper ab and hips are still stiff and hard.. Any suggestions? I hope this goes away! And another thing is my whole ass and hip area are peeling dead skin idk why? and the itching just got real.. Annoying
Measurements changed a little
So I'm at 32 26.5 and 42
you actually look awesome any before and after pictures becuase i have no hips and no ASS u seem like you had it all and jus wanted more.. BUTT im going MAY 27th everything booked and i will upload before and after picks once i get there
You look beautiful lady!!! So jelly of you waist!

***6 weeks post op YILY doll***

So 6 weeks exactly!! Phew!! I'm filling more Andy note confident aBout my body :)!!

MaY sound surprising but I won't to loose Bout another inch around my waist and gain it in my ass!! lol (yes that booty greed is getting to me smh
I've been starting to do light exercises for a week now
So I can tone.

I still have paIn and numbness in my lower back.. Andy sides hurt when I massage them too hard :( or move/stretch up too quickly..
I still try to wear my garment..
and still haRd some hard areas on my sides,
But all in all I feel great 31,26,42

Thank you!!

Thank you ladies for the support and compliments very much appreciated !!!!! :)!!!
You look fabulous!
your results are nice i cant wait to go... i'll be taking my friend with me also...
How are you now? Are you still feeling hard lumps? Well hope all is good and your happy with your results, the pics look great.
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