Cabral June 24th Flight Booked!!!!!... - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi I'm 21y.o. ive been on this site for about a...

Hi I'm 21y.o. ive been on this site for about a month but been considering this procedure since last year. my current measurements are 36-35-41 :( ii hate my waist with a passion i used to be so slim and fit after almost 2 years of being on birth control stress and depression i've gained sooooo much weight ii went from 130 to 160 :(. these love handles are so hard to get rid of no matter how much i run or do sit ups n diet smh. I'm a full-time college student and full-time worker i've been saving up for this and im ready to take the steps toward getting my confidence and boosting my self-esteem. :):):):)

Excited Nervous Scared but So Ready to do this !!!

Hey Girls !! I'm so happy been getting a lot of support from you ladies thanks again. Well I'm still doing a bunch of research and reading about many different doctors pros and cons unsuccessful and successful stories. I'm almost so sure of Duran but Salama is still stuck in my head !!! A lot of girls complain about his consistency though I've searched high and low for any complaints on Duran still haven't found anything drastic. So I'm still up in the air on when ii want this done. I'm hoping by April or May ill be scheduled and set to go. I'm soo excited and nervous dolls my best friend (a guy) said where ever I go he will come so I'm getting support from my mom and 2 friends so far. Its weird when you have the money but afraid to use it lol. Patience is a virtue tho !! Enjoy your day Ladies !!

OMGG Dr. Duran Responded !!!!

OMGG she really responded to me Via Facebook yess im communicating with her in spanish i feel it might be easier for her to understand soo excited !!

Got A Quote ..

So i got a quote from Duran 4000$ for lipo of arms , flanks,abdomen upper and lower back with 400-600cc of fat transfer. Not bad gonna send in my deposit next month and set up a date. im soo nervous and excited at the same time.

Urgghh the Wait ...

Hey ladies I've been real busy lately transitioning to a new job and school pheww I'm beat. Still haven't been able to send my deposit to Duran yet :( bunch of bills got piled onto my back smh. Patience is a virtue I just need to do it soon so I can let my Bf know so he can request time off. I've still been researching doctors but I'm so in love with Duran's work. Can't wait to schedule I'll keep you ladies posted. Good luck on everyone's journey and research any dolls traveling in April or May do let me know.

wish pics ...

I saw these on Google n other ppl reviews

Playing on this app ..

So I found a plastic surgeon app didn't enhance my butt only minimized my back and arms ii was really impressed with the after maybe ii don't have to touch my butt lol

Hey Ladies

Hey Ladies patience is definitely a virtue sending my deposit off Monday I'm going to call before I send it to get my date. Urghhh this journey is really a tough one with school and my new job plus thinking researching and deciding is a lil overwhelming mainly because it feels like I'm in this on my own. I'm taking it day by day though trying to maintain a positive attitude. Still looking to schedule in April or May don't think my best friend will be able to get time off might be dolo lol.

Okay Might go with Salama after all

Hey Ladies feeling much better today than Yesterday so ii looked up a real self member read her journey and was completely horrified. Duran seems like a great plastic surgeon in her country however I keep researching and all these fatal factors play a huge role in going to DR. Bacterial infections and I was a lil alarmed when she responded including a hospital insurance fee just in case I needed extra medical attention. I'm feeling very wary of going to Duran now and after reading that review I'm almost sold on salama. He may have some minor inconsistencies but I'd rather have a seroma than die from an infection or malpractice. His work is very good surpasses most American plastic surgeons for this procedure and his price is more reasonable than most American surgeons. Bottom line I'm not finna put my life on the line for this procedure. There's so much death associated with Cipla I'm really considering paying that extra buck and still being healthy. Well adios ladies just wanted to share what was on my mind goodluck to whoever you decide to go with. I'm still gonna dp my research

Hey Ladies ...

Hey Ladies thought I'd drop a couple lines. So I called Salama's office today and his patient coordinator says he's booked until August she said there's an opening for May 22 but I'm not sure if I'm ready to send off my deposit just yet. Still wary about Duran but I emailed Dr. Campos going to shoot one out to Dr. Huges and Dr.Baez. Maybe even Dr. Cortes I'm keeping my options open I do want this done before the summer tho I do not want to go another summer with all these rolls and fat. Smh lol. Well good luck to You ladies stay positive.

Still Deciding ...

So i've emailed Baez Campos and Huges. Campos and Hughes require a fee for their consultations idk if they do for over the internet though. Well i've been giving it a lot of thought ii really wanna go to Duran but i would like to speak with her a bit more maybe give me some clarity. So pissed Salama is booked till August. Well Duran was my initial first choice because her patients are show stopping sexy lol. Her ability to mold the waist line is so impressive. I need a small waistline Baddd ! lol. Well im going to Call Duran's assistant next week for the next steps and scheduling. Good luck to everyone on their journey and research any dolls traveling in April or May let me know so we can buddy up at a recovery house !

My mom is Bugging out SmH

Hey Ladies so my Mom is freaking out over this surgery and if I go to DR she's coming with me no ifs and or buts lol. She's not fully against it but she doesn't fully approve. Welp that's a parent for you I think I would feel the same way towArds my daughter. Welp I'm calling Duran Monday hopefully ii can get here to email me I feel ready nervous but getting close to deciding. I was reading Geemmy review she's funny I've read her sx buddy review also forgot the name but they're both very informative. Well anyone know how to set up a stay at a recovery house ?


So I'm thinking ladies my hip measurements are 40.5 certain clothes my butt looks perfect but these love handles throw everything off smh. I'm wondering how much fat to add to it ii don't want a big ol booooty lol just a lil more umph n projection. I was thinking 500-600cc that with a small waist I'd be satisfied or do I need more ? Hmmm ....

Anybody knows Baez email adress??

Hey ladies does anyone lnows Dr Baez email adress she has a outlook adress on her site but I don't think that's the right t one

Finally Decided ..

Hey Ladies so I've finally made the descion I'm Going to Duran. I'm sending in my deposit the 21st and I'm already prepping now. My mom will be coming with me also sighs now ii can just sit back and get ready.

Where to get good fajas ???

Where to get good fajas ?? I saw some on Amazon but they didn't have the crotch out or the butt part out. Help !!

Hey Ladies !!

Hola Mamacitas !!lol ive been super busy starting my new job school studying loneliness lol i only have my best friend and he's all the way in Colorado so ehh. Som ive been emailing Duran and fb messaging still no response im gonna just call next week when i send off my deposit and get a new quote i no longer want my arms touched just upper and lower back flanks and abdomen with fat transfer. emailed Baez today also. gotta get my passport and secure my date so ii can book the flight first i gotta see if ii can take time off tho lol my last job ii took 2 weeks off in august two weeks starting hopefully my new manager is cool like that lol welp wish me luck ladies mid terms coming up then finals urghh after next semester im gonna reward myself with a new body lol

New Quote Baez Responded !!!

soo got a nee quote drom Duran excluding rhe lipo of the arms $3800. Baez finally responded can't read the email on my phone !!!!!! Urghhhh by the time ii get to a computer she prolly won't be available to respond !!

baez responded !!

Baez responded she sent me a essay of info and necessities lol ii like her and she doesn't do more than one surgery a day ! A major plus for me and she sent everything in english she speaks english but she iant fluent her quote includes meds one garment and transportation from the airport. She doesn't require a deposit and you send the full payment in before sx. Ii think I'm sold on Baez I'm going to email her back today I need a May date she said to schedule at the end of the yr for 2014 dates. S o excited ppllllllzzzz lol

Hey Ladies ... sooo I'm stuck between Baez and Duran !

I'm sooo stuck in between Baez and Duran. !! Baez has a better package deal and her demeanor is more appealing than Duran at least in my case. But she has nooo real reviews or pics and idk how long her fat retention rate is its all in the technique on how long u will actually have a ass before ur body absorbs most of it. Duran has girls post op 2yrs and they're looking just as good as the first day. She is cheaper but ii want quality . Another good thing about Baez is that she doesnt overwork herself with multiple surgeries in one day. I really want to see more before I decide to go with her but then there's a lil birdy in the back of my head all yhe death and bad rep cipla has gotten is kind of dowing on me. Ii mean these ppl wouldn't just make these stories up. So torn tho.

Hey Girls I'm Prepping !

Hey Ladies I've been prepping lil at a time I'm going to get my vitamins first still trying to get a hold of my doctor to do bloodwork so ii can know where I'm at n what I need. Anywho does anyone know how to use Whatsapp ii have questions for Baez and she's not responding fast thruu fb or emails. A lot of girls say she responds better thruu her Whatsapp anybody knows how this works cause I'm lostLol

love her shape

I have a long ways to go but school first then my sx !!

Omgg you Ladies look Fab !!

Omgg you Ladies look gorgeous I'm loving everyone'sn results. Amazing docs and Baez work is really starting to show more my confidence in her is growing more n more and she is responding a lot more. I'm soo eager but ii have to keep my May date when midterms n finals are done. I'm going to get some vitamins tomorrow and next week a faja or vedette. Shout out tl Summertime Fine her body is my new wish lol I know Baez can give me something similar. Goodluck to all you ladies on your journey keep documenting I will keep everyone posted the months close to my sx so don't worry if i disappear for a while ill be preparing and praying for all you ladies. Toodles !!

Hey Ladies !!

Hey girls been m.I.a for a lil bit just been working and school. I want to push my date up to March it might work but I'll see. Went shopping today and I had a realitt check ii need to lose 10pounds. I still have a ways ago but I don't wanna keep gaining been taking some vitamins. I held off on getting them all now and starting them ima get all my supplies 3 months prior to surgery. I have been doing some thinking I see a lot of girls with butts that had work at my job and some of them just plain out don't look right lol ii think if ii get more than 700cc I'm not gonna look right also I deleted my before butt pic lot of girls are talking abt ppl on here tryna expose and Naa I don't have the patience for that rather be safe than sorry.

Urrghhh growing impatient more and more !

Hey Ladies so I'm like growing soo impatient and the countdown widget doesn't help lol. I really want a earlier date now at least in the cold weather I can wear baggy clothes till it gets warm then when ppl see the change it won't be so obvious. Baez said she's booked in March ill take a February date or April date. I'm going tp have to call her office to find out. My diet is taking off slowly gotta find time to exercise I wanna at least be at 160. Welp I'm off to start my day happy healing ladies.

So I'm becoming a lil worried ...

Okay hey Ladies back to drop a couple lines so I texted Baez on whatsapp few days ago asking her if she had any earlier dates and if not if I could get a secured date. She said was booked all lf March and to give her a couple days to check April or February. Another RS member said she sent her deposit in and she's scheduled in April. Idk I'm hoping she's not already booked and is just holding off to see who would cancel or not. I'm gonna be devastated if I cant get this by May the latest. :( I'm going to txt her tomorrow to confirm she answered all my questions and told me everything I would need she just doesn't want me to send a deposit now. Idk has she said this to Anybody else? Anywho ima take my mind off of it gonna put another hold ln preparing now smh goodnight ladies

Started Prepping ..

Hey Dolls just stopping by to drop a couple lines. So I've started. Buying the vitamins Baez still isn't able to give me an exact date in May yet :/ which is really pissing me off but she said to check with her at the end of the year so comw that first week of January I will be blowing up her phone lol well ii brought the
Folic acid
Iron (prolly gonna get the powder version to mix with drinks also)
Anf b complex pills
Maybe in another week or two ill get some more but that's what I ordered so far. I'm soo excited but I'm almost considering just doing my midsection also adding my arms to the lipo lol they are huge and with a slknny waist n bug butt naa not happening lol if I do touch my. Butr I'm going to stress that I don't want it huge just a lil more projection and roundness but not huge ! Lol anywho I'm off to study ladies midterms are approaching Laterss ...

My Vitamins so far some I've already been taking just gotta get vitamin c

Hey Ladies got some of the vitamins I ordered I'm going to apply for my passport maybe next week or week after next. I need to find a nurse Baez and Duran both only offered some recovery houses but the only one that stands out to me is Angie and ii want more options so I'm thinking of a hotel and hiring a nurse but any suggestions I'm open to hear them. I'm already approved for my time off I'm hoping I can take maybe 16 days off lol. Ima just have to be on top of my game x20 lol. Hoping to gwt a late April or a May 1st date. I wish she come on so I can book a flight prices are gonna go up by January smh. Anywho I'm running my mouth lol


Growing impatient

Alright I'm really starting to become pissed now my manager said I prolly won't get approved for two weeks off. Why it's not paid and it's 6 months from now and Baez is really annoying me with not having a date. Applying for my passport this week still looking for good recovery houses and hotels. Bklynbeauty has a good review when I get to a pc ima read her review fully but I need help on contacting these recovery houses any emails or angie is silhouette house any good or yasmin's haven't seen too many reviews on the last two. If she can't give me a late April or May date then I'm going elsewhere but not to DR. My next choice is Salama but I really want Baez. Sighs putting another hold on prepping again.

so Finally got a date from Baez still gotta call her office to confirm !

Pheww finally got a secured date lol. Still have to call her office to confirm. Hopefully. My buddy can come with me I'm really considering not taking my mother lol. But I'd be really afraid to go alone. Anywho can anyone provide an email adress for angie house or yasmins house ? I'm ready to get a stay set up and apply for my passport. Still haven't received my vitamins from Amazon this is the second time I've ordered and didnt receive my packages smh I want to get a faja I'm going to post a pic of the one I'm thinking about buying idk if it's the right one tho.


I like this one I was gonna get a xs
And the sleeve compression one for my arms

Hey Ladies

Hey girls so I emailed Angie she sent me pics and prices I've read good and bad still gonna look into a hotel but I don't think Baez has any good nurse referrals. Well I have to call Baez office to confirm and still haven't applied for my passport yet lol Damon every time I go they're closed or I run out of time lol it's gonna get done before the week is over lol I'm going to do blood work next week hopefully. Wow I'm actually going forth with this its a big step but I feel ready. I'm single and 21 I met a wonderful man few weeks ago and we've been growing closer n closer each passing week. I haven't talked to him about the surgery yet it's still fresh but I worry if he'll look at me different. Well nth to worry about for now school is great work is great just left is to get my new shape and focus on me. Toodle Loo Ladies Hope everyone has a safe trip

Need Some Advice DR vets !

Hey ladies I've been totally busy but I did find a buddy for May we've been chatting for the past few weeks but she just gave me some troubling news today. She says she might have to push back her date and I'm literally locked in for May all I need is a confirmation from Baez my time off is requested vitamins waiting for my passport and a few more supplies and I'm ready lol. So I think I'm going to keep my date but I need from you ladies. When traveling alone what should I be concerned about ? I think I'm going to stay at Yasmin's my buddy has been very helpful and she gave me info on how to contact and send a deposit to Yasmin. We'll any advice I'd greatly appreciate it I'm still considering going to DR a vacation so I wanna have a good time. Has anyone who went alone ever used jasmin ehh I forget the girl belvita I think can't call it. We'll hit my inbox or comment with any advice ladies if you can thank you and happy heal and good luck to all the dolls :)

Duran !!

Idky but I'm really thinking abput switching to Duran bad. Lol I was scared of going to her and getting too much body or ass but I see her recent work and I think she would give me exactly what I want. Plus her girls results last for years. Cipla has a lot of drama tho I'm really gonna think hard about this but I'm really leaning bavk towards Duran. Any who just thought I'd drop a couple lines.

Yayyy !its official May 13th confirmed !

Yay so I'm officially moving on to the next step buying my tickets and applying for the passport. I found a buddy thank god and another recovery house so I won't be booking with Yasmin . I'm so excited a few more vitamins and other supplies then I'm all set.

99 days and counting !!

Wow I went from 209 to 99 days smh time has been flying Ladies. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I have my physical this week to see where my hemo levels are at and I'm getting some more supplies this week also. Me and my buddy are ready to go but were still undecided on spajm or daisy I'm really sold on daisy and the price is good for big rooms and massages. So I'll try to reel her in lol.

Need a new date in May ASAP !

Okay ladies so I found out when exactly finals are gonna be and they all fall on May 12th day before my scheduled date smfh Fuck My Life !! And she doesn't have anything else open that week and I'm still trying to figure out what dates she available in May and I know a lot of girls schedule with Baez and cancel a month before so if anybody is scheduled in late May with Baez and is planning on canceling please let me know. If I can't get a May date ima have to wait till the end of June or July which is a no go I'm trying to have my body right before it gets really warm lol so dolls help me out here

New date

New date June 10th unless someone cancels in May which is what I'm praying for. Me and my buddy aren't gonna be meeting up with each other so I decided to go alone. Staying with daisy now officially. Now I gotta re-request my time off again this time in June urghh smh well it gives me another month to prep. My time will come Ps Baez is really good at responding but she is blowing up Y'all ! Her May dates filled up really quick she need to make these surges a full time thing lol j.k

Omg smh July 8th smh

So I have to change my date once again cause my dumbass coworker took off half of freaking June. Urgh so pissed now everyone wanna go to Baez in May and June. They asses better not be complaining about her after. Lol J.k but my time will come no worries my time will get approved for July and I'll be on my way to the other side.

Ahhh who says Baez doesn't give big ol booties lol

We'll I was so distraught with my July date but hey it works for me my job and Baez only thing is flight prices go up cause of the dates no biggie tho it's only a 60$ difference than June and May prices. Plus the later date gives me more time to relax and take things slow. Works for daisy too sending in my deposit for her Friday. I eat sleep dream my surgery now lol it is a lil frustrating going from double digits back to triple but patience is a virtue and this is something that shouldn't be rushed or put before priority so I'm comfortable. Had to reschedule with the docs it's snowing left and right in New York urgh lol but he had an opening the next week so things are looking up. Happy healing to all the dolls .

Wish !!

Hmm .. Looking into different surgeons .. Still got my mind on Baez tho ..

Hey ladies so I've been in my thoughts and looking at my body more .. I'm kinda wanting more butt now lol I'm seeing these Baez girls and idk but seems like they hit that 3-4 month mark and just droop lol I'm like ehh that would just be a waste especially to work out after and it just disappears. So I started looking into yily cabral and contreras. Got a quote from yily just emailed Cabral couple hours ago and emailed contreras but don't know if that's his current address. Maybe Facebook ? Any dolls can help me with contreras email or whatsapp number ? I started following cabral on Facebook and good lord.. The mount of ass and small waists almost gave me a heart attack lol well when I wrote him on whatsapp it said he was online but he never replied I saw two different numbers for him I used a 307 I believe any dolls can help me with cabralor number ? Would greatly appreciate it.

Trying to get a quote from Mr. Cabral

Hey ladies so I emailed contreras and he got back to me this morning (quick response) with a quote of 2500$ usd for lipo and bbl the quote doesn't include meds one garment and further evaluations 500$ more making the total 3000$ usd. Sounds good but I want to hear back from Cabral I'm falling in love with his skills man. I messages him on his email and whatsapp am I being impatient or does he ever reply ? Lol welp toddles loo

Finally Mr. cabral has responded lol

So after days and long hours of trying to get a hold of doctor Cabral he finally responded with a quote ???????????????? lol. I asked him if he had July 8th available the same day I'm scheduled with Baez and he told me to call his office and speak to his assistant. I guess she will further explain what's included with the quote and what not. If he has that day or something in that week I will officially switch doctors. He told me he could lift and contour my buttocks and waist. Lol so I will call tomorrow or Tuesday. Another doctors appt Friday lol missed the last two due to weather and work smh still need to apply for my passport and buying my tickets in April.

Coming into place ..

Hey dolls so I'm just like so excited about this. I called Maria and schedule my date same date just officially decided to switch to Cabral he seems cool his responses are much faster. Took me a few days to get a quote but he responded. So all together I was quoted for 3800$ for lipo to arms full back abdomen and flanks but for consults 45$ meds 180$ I believe gotta check that tho and one garment was around 100$ I plan on buying my own stage one garment found a seller on eBay that wasn't too expensive and pinkroom has some good stuff. Applying for my passport next week mofos only paid me for 12 hrs lol most or my wish pics are from cabrals Instagram page smh I do plan on losing about 10-15 pounds before I go. I'm going to start this herbalife shakes and juicing. Prolly in May I'll start that regimen cause I hear that it only takes a month to see results. ???????? lol here's what I have so far and been taking:

Iron 65mg
Super b complex
Folic acid 800mg
Vitamin c 500
Mega food blood builder
Vitamin d
Some old shirts
Couple maxi dresses
Antibacterial soap

Still need more

5white camis
Couple more maxi dresses
Lipo foam
Makemeheal vitakit
Arm compression sleeves
Scar estique
P ez
Hisblencse (spell check)
Gauze pads
And miscellaneous bio oil panties toothbrush toothpaste mouth wash etc ..

So have a lot of shopping to do lol will keep you guys updated :)

These are the prices Maria gave me she also gave me a small list of what to bring

Recovery houses .. Ehh

Hey Ladies so I'm booked with daisy but I was also looking into other recovery houses. I like Armonia but getting in touch with the owner is like trying to book with these surgeons sheesh. All these good reviews but damn I'm trying to book you're telling me there's a deposit but not giving me any information on how to book or send a deposit. I told her I want to book with her for July 7th and she says ok thank you. Umm don't you need my info lol idk I found a buddy she said she called Myra and Myra said she would send her the info through fb but still no word on that. I like daisy my only concern was that girls were saying she didn't have enough staff. If I'm going to spend my money and time it has to be worth while. But this is nuts guys lol anywho .. Doing my bloodwork in the morning and just got my p ez cup neosporian vitamin b12 and some gauze pads. Oh applying for my passport Monday spring break officially starts on Sunday lol no school for a whole week. Anyways goodnight dolls.

Supplies and shopping lol

Hey girls so far I've gotten my necessities supplies. And I'm on budget so that's a plus. I still have to get the lipo foam one garment and sleeve garments. I want to try the sineech arnica pills for swelling and bruising. It 28$ sheesh I think it's a 20 ct idk but I'll see I have three tubes of arnica gel and arnica tablets so I might get them. Ima get all my miscellaneous stuff closer to my departure time cause I have no space in my room for all that stuff lol my test results came back won't find out the details till tomorrow but my doctor says I'm very healthy for my age lol o my gyn does liposuction lol he doesn't do the bbl but he has some impressive results I may say. I told I was going to the Dominican Republic he quickly advised me not to go. He told me a similar story to the reports about cabral how a gay guy was soliciting women in a hair salon in the Bronx to get plastic surgery in DR for cheap. He said the patient of his had a tummy tuck and came back with a belly full of puss and she had to do more work in the USA. Idk if he was referring to the same reports or not but I took his concern into consideration but I don't plan on switching docs even tho DR Hughes and Bruno have some very impressive skills but i feel like Cabral will give me the results I want no need lol 114 days to go ladies

How to get hemo levels up

Hey ladies got my test results back and a mesley 12.3 for my hemo levels ???????? but all my other vitals were in normal range and high. My doctor told me I should just take iron and it can lower douses of b complex and b12. W.e works for me he said basically lol gotta get those levels up tho I wanna be between 13-14 before I leave. On another note found a boppy pillow at Walmart for 18$ nice and firm. I'm gonna switch to upscale too my gyn told me it's crucial to maintain good aftercare with liposuction. So I'm gonna try the liquid iron kick up my folic acid doses and blood builder. I've been drinking lots of orange juice too. Eating avocado spinach shrimp and more fish. I'm gonna force myself to eat liver despite how gross it is I need it lol welp I'm out ladies hope all is well with you all and wishing everyone a safe and happy journey. ????????????????????

New date Yayy !!

So I was able to push my time up and take a medical leave of absence from work ???? June 24th baby lol Maria said he only has 2 girls that day unconfirmed so yay me lol I'm still looking for a buddy for upscale so if any dolls are having sx around that time and wanna buddy up hit me up. This damn passport is taking forever urghh as soon as I get it I'm buying my tickets we'll hope all is well ladies I'm out.

Shopping and Sprint pissing me off

Hey ladies so iv'e been shopping looking and prepping. sprint pissed me off so much in the last few days i'm just trying to leave them and they're making it soo damn complicated. i signed up for an upgrade thinking i was getting a good deal but the branch manager lied to me said i wouldn't have to pay my previous balance only the new charges to the new plan and no other fees since i'm already an existing customer. comes in my bill and what do you know my previous balance activation fee and 2pages of fees adding up to 223.00$. smh just Let Me Go !! i have no phone had to return the new phone and the new plan and go back to my old broken phone which is further broken now the screen doesn't come on smh. i hate sprint so much not to mention the customer service reps did nothing to accommodate me cause i reached the highest escalation point (wtf does that mean) urgh. lol anywho i brought a couple maxi dresses and lost 4 pounds (yayy me) lol but im staying where im at right now my lil butt i have got small so quick im like wow eff that lol everything is going fine except my phone problem i need a phone before i leave. all i have to get now is:

my plane ticket
still waiting for my passport
one faja
compression socks
lipo foam
arm sleeves
miscellaneous soap, lotions, dermaplast, bandaids, iron supplements, ensure fruits orange juice etc....
shout out to GiveMeKakes myhomegirl she will be a yily doll in May as soon as i get to a phone ima give you call girl. and Prettybrownthang let me know hows everything going still here for you hun.

85 days

And counting things are falling into place ...

Handling having no support

You know I have no real support on this descion or any descion I make. Urgh I can't deal with everyone then I have a sorry ex boyfriend that's done me So wrong in the past coming around like I need him n he's so full of it. I am gonna say he has been more supportive and positive about this but I think he's thinking more with his other head than the one on his shoulders. Urghi just regret telling them I should of waited till I came back my sister is like I'm gonna go to hell for changing my body blah blah blah and my mom is just being so negative saying stuff like I hope your plane doesn't come or your hemo levels aren't high enough (I explained the importance of hemo levels to her) but come on like leave me Alone. Smh smh smh ...

Passport on its way !Now gotta get these flights situated

So things are finally setting foot. I was gonna expedite it but the lady said i have more than enough time and not to waste my money. She said if i dont get it by the 2nd or 3rd week of May then to call them and they will have it rushed to me. so next gotta get a flight isee some for 461$ but all overnight flights. i already told daisy i might take a overnight flight and will probably arrive at 4am she said thats fine just let her know asap. then the next flights are 514$ non-stop ehh lol im almost there roughly 2 months to go. i have mnost of my vitamins and i decided not to get a faja now. my pre-op measurements now are

hip: 40.5-41'
upper waist:33'
love handles:35'

i want to be
upper waist: 25
lower waist/love handles:27
butt:47 post op 45 after swelling lol
arms: at least 10'

lol i think thats realistic for my shape and size im going to add pre-op pics closer to my date. im at work and omg all i see is girls with huge bubble butts theres already like 7 at work that have had work done and they look good. its almost like everyone is doing it now. im still trying to be modest i wanna nice tiny waist and round projected butt but i dont wanna look like a cartoon. lol well ima just stress the fact that i want more projection and roundness than a lot of hips and a tiny waist like i used to have lol welp goodnight ladies got a long day ahead of me.

Wish pics !! 78 days

Waivers and more deaths at Cipla

Okay to the DR vets did anyone have to sign a waiver to have surgery ? I read sisterless story I'm shitting in my pants and thinking about not going at all. If that waiver is a cipla requirement then that's a no go 100% I messages Cabral to find out if that was a requirement and I'm going to call the office. I've been trying not to think of the "What ifs" but that's so scary she's writing the day of surgery and after she's just gone. Smh this is so nerve wrecking I can't sleep now ....

67 Dias !!

67 Dias to go ! Passport still in route flight booked i wanted to get all morning flights so had to pay the extra buck but all is well. Man i cant believe im actually doing this lol between realself and Cabral's instagram im just over here drooling away wondering how im gonna turn out. one thing i know for sure this will be an experience. Working on my hemo levels like crazy ive started drinking the naked juices. Most of the ones with veggies in them are good in iron i usually drink the "green machine" and "berry veggie" im gonna try juicing veggies and fruits cause buying the bottles are expensive. i also started taking Womens one a day im going to check my levels again probably mid May. 3 more weeks of school 10 weeks all together till flight time. Goodluck and Happy Healing to all the new and future dolls.


Question so i called the international customs line to see what i can bring into the dominican republic and what not bring. the lady told me no liquids beyond the security check point 4 oz bottles and no animal based products are allowed into the country. i read reviews and some say they have brought ensure and protein shakes are they powder form is that even allowed passed the security point ? im just wondering ill just bring my snacks and nuts to munch on while im there no frozen goods either lol thats what the lady at the international customs for delta told me. :-/ welp i really need to stay off rs im just growing more and more impatient lol ill update you guys in any changes or new information arises toodle loo !!

Get your shots ladies

My current butt lol I need more projection and a smaller waist and back lol

Hilario Augustina Duran

Going to Cabral :)

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It's not allowed in your carry on. You must pack it into the suitcase. I fly international all the time.
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The liquids or powder ?
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The liquids, sorry. You can pack as much liquids into your suitcase as the airline luggage maximum weight will allow. Powder can go anywhere.
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Oo okay you sure ? Lol I don't wanna have to throw out all my stuff lol
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Ha! Yes I'm sure. I've flown international at least 20 times. But you can always look on your airlines website or google it. The restrictions are only for carry ons.
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Oo okay yeah I'll double check cause she said I won't get passed customs in DR with any liquids or animal based products including milk sheesh lol
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You're day will be here before you know it!
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I know I'm so excited
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Did you read my comment about the jumpsuit lol I see one on macys looks exactly like it hope my ass can fit on it lol
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Yes, I did. I've had it for a while. Never wore it. I got it from one of the department stores at the mall. It fits my booty like a glove.
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Lol I know I see you make me wanna get the one at macys your butt is like K Michelle big lol
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Lol, I don't know about K. Michelle now, her butt is
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She got a dunk, for real!!
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lol i know i love your results happy healing doll cant wait to get to the other side.
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I'll be sure to follow your review and please don't hesitate to ask for help with prepping or recovery questions.
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Yes I gotta stay off this site man I'm literally counting the days lol thank you
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I'm not sure what your date is and which Dr since your updates were not clear. I just wanted to tell you that Dr. Fragoso Baez is a wonderful dr who cares for her patients and gives a natural look. I heard of the recent deaths and it saddens me but you should pick ur dr on what best fits u and feel it in ur heart. Good luck and if you need anything let me know.
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Yeah she's good but I don't like the inconsistency with her results.
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I know some have not been happy, in my opinion I think its that they wanted alot more and I think she is more of a natural or what fits ur body. I can say after 4 months I'm happy w/my results. But I wanted a natural look and I am complimented. But like I said mainly I wanted to let you know I'm here as a resource for ur upcoming trip and sx
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Yeah to each it's own thanks
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Hey Doll! Even here in the US they make you sign waivers...its common practice in the medical field.
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I second this. I would be surprised if you didn't have to sign some type of waiver or agreement for elective surgery. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the waiver was for the autopsy.
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I asked Cabral he said one have to sign a waiver giving him permission to operate on me that's completely understandable but he didn't mention details like if there are complications the doctors aren't responsible. That's what's really my main concern and idk not too sure if it was for the autopsy or not. In the review she mentioned that yily or Diaz was not held accountable because she signed a waiver correct me if I'm wrong.
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They are being mean, ignore them. The upside is if you "go to hell," at least you won't be alive to know. If the constantly have negative remarks, tell them they were right you changed your mind and aren't going. Go anyway! You are grown.
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