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Anyone want to room? I'm staying at...

Anyone want to room? I'm staying at Jacqueline's!
5'7" 180. 35 yo. 4 kiddos. BBL 2nd time around. I went to Fuentes in MX and changes were nice. I was box shaped and now have some curve but I want more... lol. Prior to my kids I had a 27 in waist. I would love to have that again. I am currently 36-31-41. I won't be mad even if I don't gain in my butt and I just want to get a REALLY small waist which should give me the illusion of a butt. My male friends think I'm curvy now but I just don't see it. I WANT MORE! thank you... bye now.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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How long are you going to be there? I'm thinking I may have a roommate but I'm not scheduled until May 25th
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Hey lady. I will be there until June 2. How about you?
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I am thinking either June 1 or 2nd. I am looking at flights now.
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I will arrive around midnight on the 25th and leave June 1st
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