Touch Up BBL by Duran/Yily - Dominican Republic

Hello ladies I had a BBL back in June 2013. I am...

Hello ladies I had a BBL back in June 2013, click here to read my review. I am overall satisfied with my derrière but I also paid for hips and I did not receive them. I will be in DR this coming May for a wedding and I am considering getting a touch up. I would like full back, flanks, abdominal lipo and maybe arms.

Now the dilemma, I will only be in DR 5 days. The wedding is smack dab in the middle of the 5 days. So do I get the surgery before or after the wedding. If I get it done after the wedding lets say Saturday I will be leaving early Monday morning to go home. My concerns are leaving with the drains, how do I remove them? Concern of a seroma which I had with my first surgery and went back to facility to have drained now what??? So I was told by my plastic surgeon that did my breast reduction to go to the Emergency room to have seroma drained and the ER would give me a referral to plastic surgery to continue follow ups.

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Do you have a contact for Duran
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You can try this 1809-707-7163/ hilario Ask for Elizabeth she's the english translator. Fania Tejada Gomez for spanish .
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Who will do your surgery? dr Yily refers patients to a Dr in NJ and he charges I think 75.00
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Not sure yet who will do the touch up. But I am not spending another large sum on a touch up.. I like Duran and Cabral
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