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Hi BBL dolls:) I am looking and researching into...

Hi BBL dolls:) I am looking and researching into going to Dr Yily for my BBL and a tummy tuck to get my curves back and some more shape to my booty. But I am having the hardest time finding info to contact her! Does any one know?? I don't want and can't get work done in Cali cause it would be 18-20 thousand and not look as good. Can some one help?

picked a doctor

So after much debate and research i decided to go with Dr Yily in Dr. I emailed her back and forth for months and she always responded back. She gave me a break down in
My quote and all the info i needed. I emailed duran but i did not get responded to for a while and it was confusing with just a price but no other details on whats included. Now thats out the way now its time to pick my date and book:)
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