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Hi BBL dolls:) I am looking and researching into...

Hi BBL dolls:) I am looking and researching into going to Dr Yily for my BBL and a tummy tuck to get my curves back and some more shape to my booty. But I am having the hardest time finding info to contact her! Does any one know?? I don't want and can't get work done in Cali cause it would be 18-20 thousand and not look as good. Can some one help?

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So after much debate and research i decided to go with Dr Yily in Dr. I emailed her back and forth for months and she always responded back. She gave me a break down in
My quote and all the info i needed. I emailed duran but i did not get responded to for a while and it was confusing with just a price but no other details on whats included. Now thats out the way now its time to pick my date and book:)
Yily De Los Santos, MD

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Her email is, I would copy and paste it. Also be patient when you write her, she takes about 7 days average to answer, also do send pics and the questions you have. And in her own words do not send her emails from different email accounts so that she can keep a single history of the emails. Hope this helps, I already talked to her (through email) and she is very concise. I am however also considering Dra. Duran. I am really torn between the two.
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Yes I am torn too!!! I am considering Dr pantoja in TJ cause I would like to stay closer to home. I sent dr Yily a email right now with pics and info. Dr Duran is in DR ??
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Im looking for more info on her too any suggestions?
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