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Hi ladies I'm a 31yr old mother of 3 plus I...

Hi ladies I'm a 31yr old mother of 3 plus I adopted my nephew I had him sense he was 3 mos now he is 4yrs old anyway my kids damaged my body bad SMH lol I've been on this site for some time now, I tried so many diets and nothing worked for me I'm 5"2 and 185lbs I'm looking to have a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and fat graf to my butt and full back lipo also lipo to the flanks,inner and outer thighs and arms, so far I emailed Dr.Robles and I set a date for surgery March 13th 2013 she gave me a quote for 5500 with to me is not bad but ...... now I'm so confuse because it seems like a lot of women are going with Dr.Yily and I reviewed her work and she really knows what she is doing SO can you ladies PLEASE PLEASE help me decide and give me Yily's contact info because I'm having trouble getting in contact with her.

So Dr.Yily finally sent me a quote for 4300 that...

So Dr.Yily finally sent me a quote for 4300 that is not bad :) I'm super excited I see a lot of ladies going to her and come out looking amazing plus I see there are a lot of ladies going next month I can't wait to see there results until then I'm going to try to lose about 15-20 lbs because I want to look like a video girl lol
Hi Barbiedoll31, have you decided for sure where you are going??? I arrive on 17th and will have my surgery on the 18th... so excited, TEAM ROBLES, of course!
cant wait to see your results...... good luck girl. Im looking to go in August. Im new to the site.. Ill be posting my story and pics soon too.
When are you scheduled with Yily
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