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I'm 46 years old looking for my dream body always...

I'm 46 years old looking for my dream body always want a nice round butt that nature don't provide to me. I read and watch a lots of post op pics about this procedure and so far team Duran has the best results. The problem for me is to get in touch with them. I been sending a lot of email but not answer yet. If somebody can help about this issue please I will appreciate.
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good luck on feb 7th
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Thank you very much did you pay to her and how long she fix all x u? I probable go February the 7.
  • Reply , she is a consultant that will do everything for you as far as get your date and all , I paid her already n I paid my deposit on Tuesday of this week n I am waiting on a sx date with DR Duran . Good luck n if you have anymore questions you may contact me , I am new to this site n I have no idea how to contact Dr Duran on my own , I never got a response when I emailed her , however jazmine got my quote for me !
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