Dra Yily - April 15th - BBL & BA - My Reward for My Hard Work - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello :-) Two years ago I ended my...

Hello :-)

Two years ago I ended my relationship with my abusive boyfriend of five years. I woke up one morning and decided enough was enough. In those five years, due to depression, I completely let myself go. I'm 5'3. I weighed in at 191.8lbs! I went to my yearly check up and my doctor gave me some tough love. He told me I would have heart problems, joint problems and diabetes if I did not get my weight under control. January 20, 2011 I decided to start the Insanity workout. If I could put up with my ex for so long I could do thus for 60 days. I lost 25lbs! After completing the Insanity workout program I signed up for the gym at my job and lost another 25lbs! I went from 192lbs to 145lbs over a 7 month period. I honestly feel the best I have in a long time.

Though I am smaller, the body parts that make me feel womanly have gone. My vigorous workouts took me from a size 12 to a size 6. My booty vanished lol and my 38DD are barely a C :-( After stalking RealSelf for months I decided to do my breast augmentation and BBL with Dra Yily. I'm scheduled for April 15th!


Wow! Congratulations! What an amazing transformation!
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U go girl!!! You look great, HARD WORK pays off u deserve it!!!!
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U betta wuuuurk!!!!! U look fantastic and u should be extremely proud of yourself. That insanity workout helped u regain, well, some sanity. Dont look back and I pray u get the body of your dreams. God bless u on your journey
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Drama upon drama. I'm trying to stay calm and...

Drama upon drama. I'm trying to stay calm and patient but I feel like everything is going wrong. Is it a sign I shouldn't get it done? I hope not.

1. I contact Dra Yily via email early February requesting a quote. No response for 2 weeks. I know she is swamped. She became an overnight sensation. So I remained patient. But when I saw people getting responses in mere days I decided to translate my email to Spanish. She responded within the day. Tip: use Google Translator when requesting a quote. She quoted me $4700 for bbl and ba.

2. I requested the first available day via email. No response again for another two weeks. I was reading responses and someone listed the phone number and extension to call to speak with someone English speaking. Tip: Call (809) 331-5050 x 208 to speak to Yira. After calling I was given May 29th. This date was just too late in the summer for me. Remember you have to wear the fajas for 3 months! Yira said call back someone may cancel.

3. I called back last week and I was given Thursday, April 18th! I was so happy until I looked at the calendar. I will already be in Miami the weekend before that for my friends birthday. I called back and Yira said I could have Monday, April 15th! I was ecstatic! I booked my flight and called back to give my flight information. I spoke with Rosa. She said I was not on April 15th or the 18th! I was livid! I've already booked my flight! What was I to do?! She said call back smh

4. I called back later in the day. Yira answered and confirmed I was on April 15th and not to worry. That I should call Jacqueline Spa and give them my flight info since they would be the ones picking me up from the airport. I called and spoke with Junior. He is the only one who speaks English. He told me to email my flight information. I did. I booked my flight to the wrong airport. I was close to tears. Instead of SDX (DR) I booked to SJU (PR). I don't know how I made this dumb mistake smh.

5. I'm on hold with American Airlines as I write this trying to change my tickets *le sigh*


Wow you look like you already have your procedures done. So imagine how you will look after you actually do it!! I can't wait!!!
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I will be a Jacquilnes spa around that time, will spot by and say hi :-)
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Ok! Are you looking for a buddy?

American Airlines changed my ticket!! I only had...

American Airlines changed my ticket!! I only had to pay the difference in ticket price which was $113. I sent my updated itinerary to Yily and JM. JM responded immediately. Yily....not at all.

I have been gathering lists of the extras I have to bring from different reviews. So far I h have decided to get:
For surgery/travel: Passport, Cash for Surgery, Cash for JM stay, $10 for tourist card, tip money

For regularity: Colace Stool Softener, Fiber

Clothing: dark colored maxi dresses, robe with front pockets, flip flops, larger granny panties, night gowns/ pajamas, sports bra

For hygiene: Baby wipes, Feminine Wipes, Panty Liner, Antibacterial Soap, hand sanitizer, dark colored towels, cheap wash clothes, Funnel (Go Girl or disposable urinal like Travel John- Amazon), yeast infection med???? I heard you will get one from the antibiotics

For bed: cheap mattress cover, Chux Bed Pads (Blue Lining Absorbent), cheap sheets

Gauze, non stick medical tape

For scaring: Mederma, Bio Oil, Neosporin ointment, vitamin E capsules- open and rub on skin, coco butter, firming lotion, Vitamedica Surgery program supplement, Make Me Heal Harmony Healing Kit, Bacitracin Ointment (http://www.recoveryelements.com/clinicalsupportforsurgeryprogram.aspx)

Vitamins: Iron Pills, B Complex, Folic Acid, Vitamin C

For pain: Tylenol Precise Cream Pain Relieving, Arnica Cream, Extra Strength Tylenol

For swelling: Water Pills (Diurex), Lymphatic Drainage liquid herbal medicine

For itching: Hydrocortisone generic, Benadryl

For sleep: Tylenol pm

For nausea: Promethazine/Gravol

For Garment: Squeem Cleaner, Lipo Foam board (http://medicointernational.com/store/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=113), Compression socks, Boppy Pillow, Wife Beaters to wear under garment, Maxi Pads the thicker the better, bra with the compression band, additional garment (I’m looking on eBay)

If I'm missing anything please let me know!

Also, have any of you heard of the It Works Body Wraps (www.myitworks.com)? I was wondering if the wraps can be worn under the garments for better results.


Is the D.R airport SDX or SDQ? I want Dr Yily to perform my tt after Dr Jimerson does my BBL.
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girl you lost so much weight you look fabulous!
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you look good boo
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Yily responded to my email from 2/29/13 asking if...

Yily responded to my email from 2/29/13 asking if I was still coming on 5/29/13....LAWD, GIVE ME STRENGTH! *side eye*. I'm calling tomorrow morning to AGAIN confirm 4/15/13. My plane tickets are purchased so SOMEONE will be doing my surgery on 4/15/13.


Good luck today. I hope u hav an uneventful surgery nd a speedy recovery. Take care:-))
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Good luck on your surgery tomorrow! God bless!!!
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Amazing story.. How do u plan on recovering during ur bbl n ba recovery? I'm getting same + breast lift cuz with my weight loss n loss of 2 cups made them saggy n crazy looking..
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Hello everyone!! I know I have been away for...

Hello everyone!!

I know I have been away for awhile. It was touch and go on whether or not I would get the surgery all together. It's like every time you save money something comes up smh. But my dad came through with the money I needed literally Friday before the surgery! I love him so much! I didn't want to tell anyone I was getting it but I'm happy I told him. He's a praying man and he prayed all night for my safe recovery!!

Ok so I spent the weekend in Miami celebrating my friends birthday. I couldn't drink!! VIP every night drinking red bulls lol! My dad transferred money to my account Friday and I withdrew everything I needed Sunday. Thank god for TD bank being up everyday and there being one right next to my hotel! My flight to DR was at 9am Monday morning. I arrived at 11:45am and asked to be taken straight to CIPLA. Junior (such a sweetie and a cutie) brought me to pick up Jaqueline first. She told me how she would pray for my speedy recovery and called me Bonita :-). I arrived at CIPLA around 1:30. Yira took me to do blood works, x-ray (the tech is FINE! Lol) and to talk to the cardiologist. Once I had all my paperwork the assisting surgeon (who speaks perfect English) asked me about my medical history. He checked me into my room and I slept until surgery time. I hadn't eaten since 7pm the night before and now it's 24 hours since I had food. Dra Yily came to ask me what i want and kissed me on the cheek. Shes gorgeous. I told her big beeast and a big butt lol. Yira came and brought me sample breast sizes. i choose 430cc. its the equivalent of a large C/small D.

I didn't go with Duran because she stopped answering emails and Yily began emailing me 2-3x a day the closer it got to surgery.

The anesthesiologist came and introduced himself. He gave me a blue pill and it made me feel wonderful. I was put on a stretcher and taken into surgery. He put the IV in (OUCH!) and I was out. I woke up towards the end complaining about bring cold. I kept crying frio frio. Then I was back in my room covered in blankets. I usually sleep on my side. Unconsciously at night I tried to turn and ripped my IV out! I woke up with blood dripping down my hand. I pushed the call button and 4 nurses rushed in. One cleaned my hand. The other changed my blankets. The other put in a new IV. I began to throw up (I HATE blood) so the last nurse rubbed my back, cleaned the vomit and have me water. I was so thankful I cried. After seeing stories on here I was afraid they'd leave me to fend for myself. They put meds in my IV and I was out again.

This morning I was awakened to chicken broth! Omg it might as well been a five star restaurant the way I tore it up! They took my blood pressure and temp and said everything is good. I'm sore on my breast and butt because of the fat transfer. I can't wait to see my stomach! I can't even push it out its so flat. I have some liquid in my thighs but I've been massaging them and filling up the drain. They come every hour to drain it. The nurses are overworked. Some girl in here screaming bloody murder. I understand the importance of a tip now! I change $50USD in $1USD and everyone has been getting $2USD ($81RD).

I will keep y'all posted. I should be going to Jaqueline spa later this afternoon.


Wow time flies!! It's unbelievable that you already had you wonderful transformation!! Yayyyy I hope you have a nice and speedy recovery. Can't wait to see your results ;)
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Congrats hun and good luck on recovery I leave Thurs morning coming there I'm so happy:-)
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Your in my prayers hope you heal well. So you got your breast and booty done so how do they have you laying down? On your sides?
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Hello Dolls!! So the next day Yily came to talk...

Hello Dolls!!

So the next day Yily came to talk to me about how my surgery went. Can I tell y'all how BEAUTIFUL she is?!?! Omg! She said she didn't do a breast lift because of the size of my implant. They would've been too high. She said now they will fall naturally. She said I did not have much fat so my butt won't be HUGE but it will be high and round. Honestly, she reads y'all reviews. She was like please don't go online saying I can't do butts I can only work with what you have.

They put me in a size small fajas. It was hard to breathe at first but every day it gets easier. My breast to waist ratio is CRAZY! She made my stomach so small!

Junior came and brought me to Jaqueline Recovery Spa. I like this place! There is wifi, cable and air conditioning. They take you order for breakfast. It feels like I'm at a resort. The nurse came and took the list of meds that Yily gave me. She was back within the hour explaining what I need to take. I've been in bed because my butt hurts. I lay on my side and put pillows behind me to cushion my butt. So far so good. I get my first massage tomorrow. I will keep y'all posted! Thank you for all the love and support!!


Your breast look great!!! More pics more pics please! Lol I know she hooked you up! 2 weeks until my transformation! So inspiring to see good results and stories! Happy healthy healing!
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Hello I wanted to say you looked great before the surgery you worked it out!!! Have a safe speedy recovery
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Hapy Healing
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I know it's been awhile but I'm back home! The...

I know it's been awhile but I'm back home!

The massages are a life saver. At first they're painful but they break up the excess fluid and help you drain better. By Monday my drain was removed and I went home! The airport experience was TREACHERROUS! If they don't have a wheelchair don't go! I almost fainted in line at customs smh!

My butt has been looking more pronounce and my waist has been getting smaller by the day. I LOVE MY BREAST! Love! After showing my friends my results they've been contacting Yily too! It's the best thing I've ever done for myself!


OMG girl you look WONDERFUL!!! I'm flying out tomorrrow and your review just eased my worries. Thank you so much for posting...
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So please tell me how many days exactly from the day of surgery until you flew home? It sounds like you were still weak and not ready to go home.
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7 days

I'm thinking about going back in October for butt...

I'm thinking about going back in October for butt implants. Yily quoted me $4500. We will see....


Looking good girl
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Thank you!
Very informative thank... You look great! Your butt looks great but once u see one curve I guess you want more.
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Loving my results (1 month post opp)


what was the price difference with her not doing the lift. My breasts are shaped very much like yours(yea that's not weird to say lol) so I've decided against getting the lift and I'm just gonna get the implants. Can you give me an idea. Thanks
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You look great doll!!! Omg!! You remind me soooo much of me!! I was also 195lbs got down to 150lbs now I'm 155. I know how hard it was to loose all those pounds!!! Lol can't wait to go to YILY!!! Keep up the great work Hun!!
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You look wonderful!!! what cup size were before and what cup size are you now?
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2 month update

Hey Dolls!

I was discouraged in the beginning because I thought my butt was small but it looks bigger daily as my stomach looks smaller. My current measurements are 36-26-40! Talk about an hourglass lol! I went to Yily as 34-29-38. I still workout and wear my compression garment. Going to Yily honestly is the best decision I ever made for myself. I have 7 friends going to her now! She needs a referral program LOL!


Omg you look good!!! Hopefully with this muscle repair Yily did I can have some abs like yours! Lol and you look bangin in that dress! Message me where you got it from! Can't wait to see you at 3mths post op
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I don't need to say it, but I am...YOU BADD!!! LOL Your results are beautiful! I'm seeking the same procedure, not sure if I wanna go with breast implants, but definitely want them lifted! My starting weight was 192 & I'm currently 175 lbs right now. Still working to get to 160-165 (to give her fat to graft). Love your results & sooooo proud of you for deciding to leave that situation! Been there done that! That took courage! You deserve ALL the good that's coming your way!
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Damn girl you look good! When I grow up I want to be just like you!
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3 months post opp

July 15th I can stop wearing my compression garment. My scars are completely gone! I love my new body!


Holy s*it...you look phenomenal. PHENOMENAL!
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Body twin, I have found you. Your boobs are marvelous and your proportions are per-fect. Update us when you can?
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You look really good. I'm booked for my butt but considering a lift w/o an implant. I'm a small D right now. How did you sleep?
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