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Hey ladies, I'm new to RealSelf but have been...

Hey ladies, I'm new to RealSelf but have been browsing the website to obtain info on the bbl procedure, DR, and results. Ever since I stumbled across this website and learned about bbl I made my mind up that it was something I wanted to do. I'm 30 yrs no children but have problem areas that I hate and await to be rid of for good!!! After much evaluation I decide to go with Yily, she does some of the best contouring work I've ever seen. My surgery is on May 17th and am now looking for two ladies to join up with to get the group discount. If anyone is interested feel free to email me.

Yeah for Yily... I'm sure your going to be happy with your result.. Which I had your date... I go June 6th I follow your blog to see the miracle happen
Hey chica, my surgery is scheduled May 18th, I'm arriving at Jacquelines on the 17th. Are you staying at the Jacquelines?
My sister and I will arrive on the 16th, we won't be stayin at Jacqueline spa because of fear they might be overbooked. But we are looking for an additional person to form a group in order to get the $250 discount. If your interested email me. Am so excited and can't wait for my new body.
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