Cabral Barbies for September? My GF got her BL done by him and they look The Bomb !

Greetings everyone! i had the pleasure of having...

Greetings everyone!
i had the pleasure of having surgery a year ago with Dr Cardenas in Mexico
and she did me well! so now am looking to have a breast lift with just minor
tweaking of lipo upper back,inner thigh & arm
not sure on the Doc yet but looking hard at a few.i had a great experience in mexico as a group of us went... looking for the same in DR....
looking to go in the week of September 16... i pretty much have everything i need for its just to stay on the health train & workout..
i will post pics once my whole journey is over. i had a ETT,Lipo,&Bbl
this will be my last surgery :) well wishes & blessing to all who is having or will
be having there surgery !

Any1?lol Well reason is its to hot to do any...

Well reason is its to hot to do any surgery in the summer and wearing that hot a$$ garment is crazy... And having a few months on getting your skin ready for surgery is ideal ... I did that In in my last 2 surgeries....also your health
MSM soap, birch oil, massages is a great start up... No healed nicely.. But I know everyone is different & heals differently ..
Any ladies working on getting great before surgery ? Let me know

Looking for buddies going in September

Anyone ?
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Hi tata, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

So you've already had your BBL and you're just having the final BL surgery now? Do you have any doctors in mind? Are you specifically looking in the Dominican Republic?

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