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Hey ladies! I am new to this website but before I...

Hey ladies! I am new to this website but before I signed up, I did a bit stalking and a bit research on Dra Duran. I have to say I am so impressed with the reviews and also her pre op and post op pictures. I am a 21 year old female student and been wanting an hourglass body since Kim K hit the media. I was amazed by her curves, and would always compare my body to hers and it was no where near! LOL. I mean I have hips and ass but I don't have that hourglass waist that she has that I want!! I have done tons of research with lots of Doctors in the United States but they are so expensive! I am a full time student I can't afford to pay 9k and up for a BBL. So then, One day... My Dominican friend from work came to work one day all of the sudden with wider hips, small waist, and slim arms. I was shocked. This girl had no hips but thick thighs her ass was smaller and her arms were thicker before. I asked her "Where have you been I havent seen you!" she said with no hesitation "Girl I had lipo, can't you tell?" and you know what I couldn't tell until she pointed it out. She starts twirling around... I was so shocked yet proud. "I got it done in DR for under 3k" she said. She looked awesome and guess what? This was about 6 months ago and her curves are already there! Thinking about it, I would love to know who her doctor was but for now I am curious about Dra. Duran. I wrote he an e-mail last night about what I wanted, hopefullly she can respond within time.

Also ladies I am really scared this surgery stuff is all new to me. Never done any kind of surgery. I tried getting Kim K's body with exercise but all it did was get me muscles and I don't want muscle! I want curves!


Hey love did u ever get a quote ?
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surgery is always scary. but look in RS you will see and hear about all of the ps in DR. if they have a bad review ask for photos, because the negative people never seem to show anything. if they had a problem then they need to show you the negative. and yes even in the US there can be death and accidents (kanya's momma and the doc was american) but over all from the DR ps there are very few. So read read and read again.
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Thank you so much sweety :) I will definitely keep reading!
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