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I have been looking for a great doctor to get a...

I have been looking for a great doctor to get a bbl with lipo on my lovehandle, inner and outer thigh. I have been trying to get in contact with Dr.Yily but she haven't replie to my emails. Is there an other way I can get in contact with her, such as a phone number? I would like to spend around $4,00-6,000 on my surgery. im talking about my plane ticket, recovery house, lymphatic massage, and the surgery all in all. I don't want to exceed $6,000. Sorry for all this long review. Please someone answer these questions!!!
I think she has a website with her phone number listed - multiple phone numbers. Enjoy!
Good luck sweetie, I wish I could help.....however the bloggers on RS are very intelligent and resourceful, just continue to stalk the members blogs :-) and you will learn more than enough.hehe
when do u plan on getting ur bbl?
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