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So, it took several tries to get a response from...

So, it took several tries to get a response from someone at Robles' office: 3 emails via Gmail, 1 Facebook message, Whatsapp text, and an instagram post. Your girl is determined! LOL

Like I said previously, I LOVE that they have a package deal. My only complaint is that Robles' assistant insisted I send them a deposit before she could tell me what dates they had available in July. UMMM....sorry, but I am not sending a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit without knowing if you can accommodate my schedule. This is July and early-August are literally the only times I can have this done. Plus, I wanted the dates to determine when I can get the cheapest flights.

This also raised a red flag because even though they say Robles' assistant is very sweet and nice, she can also be a little deceiving. So at this point I am waiting for her to respond with their availability. Lets hope I can make this work! :-)


Hope tour surgery went well! Hoping for a speedy recovery :)
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Hi everyone! This post was meant to be an update to my original review....not its own separate review (still learning to navigate this site). If you wish, follow my journey here :-) :
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