Excited!!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

So... I'm going to get the lipo fat transfer with...

So... I'm going to get the lipo fat transfer with bbl on the 11th of February !!! I'm too excited .. I'm tryna get all the things I need together, I also need to figure out which recovery house I should stay at??? If anyone has any suggestions feel free!! I plan on tracking ever bit of my experience until 6 months post op!!! 4 months to go!!!!!!

A lil bit of fear but still excited!!

Ok so... I am still very excited about my upcoming procedure!! Last night one of my closest friends had done some research and found out that 2 ppl died getting work done, although yily wasn't the one who did it, It still put a little bit of fear in my heart. I got my list of what I need to bring all put together... I'm about to put in for my passport and I've already requested time off my job!! I'm a hairstylist so .... You know how that can go... I'm still excited!! I just pray to god for my safety and well being.. I've been tryna gain weight as well.. I just sent yily an email, I'm like..... I want the biggest ass I can possibly get with a very curvy shape...!! Lol.. I only say that because I'm very slim with an up& down kind of shape.. Well... We will see????.. I'm putting my faith in god...and from what I can see yily is the best...

My measurements????????????

Hey ladies... So I work at a salon as a stylist and I meet a lot of people... So I have this Client / trainer who will continue to give me the lymph massages when I get back. And a nurse who will make sure everything's great when I get home as well.. I'm sooo excited.. I keep thinking of my big booty and I'm like????????????????!!! You know.. I would love to get into urban modeling and do mags & videos.. Etc.... Dr yily emailed me ... She let me know that I needed to gain .. I already knew that so I've been eating everything anytime I possibly can!! lol .. I see a lil pudge in my stomach but I'm like wtf .... It's hard for me to gain!! I took my measurements and the are 33-30-38...straight up&down... I need help Yily!!!!! I needa be more like 33-30-38...... Ideally I'd like to be 33-25-48... I need more fat tho!!

Some before pics

Some pics of myself before my big day

Anyone has gotten bbl done with my body type??

I'm wondering if there's any yily dolls out there with a similar body type that had bbl done??? If so I'd love to see your before/ after pics

Iron pills??

Does iron pills help gain weight?? ( random) but I've seen a couple of ladies say they've gained weight with them..

A couple of added inches!! Whoooop :))

New measurements 34-33-38.. Although my weight is still about the same something must be improving.. :)


Taking a lot of focus off of gaining... I'm just gonna let it happen.. However I'm looking for at least one person on this site who almost has the same build& height... I think that will allow me to be a little hopeful maybe?, as to what my results would look like

Wish pic

Lolajae @realself sort of had the same shape b4 .. I'd love to have her results

Wish pic

Wish pic

More wishes xoxo

I dream of BOOTY!!

Becoming obsessed!! With booty!!!... There's always that.. I wonder what imma look like ?? Excitement ... I am all the tyme thinking of how bad imma look in my outfits..!!!!:))) it's turn up tyme as far as my vitamins are concerned..! Lol I've been consuming a lot of iron rich foods and will start my regiment later this week...

Foods containing iron

My ass is DEAD!! Lol


Some weight added

Which faja/ squeem/ cincher or all 3??

What is the perfect FAja or squeem recommended for keeping the waist tiny and my ass huge ?? I don't want no compression on my booty or hips after it's done ..just lift.. Lol

Anywhere but DR!!

So .. Mr Mann.. Is on some.. "Just please don't go out of the states.. Please!" Blah...blah .. And a whole bunch of other ish! Doing what I like to call Drake(ing)..lmao which is pretty much cring in my damn ear. I'm going To DR buddy because I want yily on this ass!! Anywho.. Happy Thanksgiving to all!! I happened to weigh in at approx 151 lbs!!! And that was last night , I can't wait to see the " after the holiday results" lol...:))) so excited!! Bad bitch on the way!!!

More work???

Thinking of getting a BA... My guys telling me I should get my breast done instead of my booty... Got me wondering why not just get both done ..?? He's like " no . You only need to get one thing done"! Aha.. That nigga right there just created a monster!! I'm on one. I'm seriously considering it... Would be nice tho right?? Just a nice c cup.. I'm like a A cup due to shrinkage after my 2 kids... Sounds like a plan2 me..!! Now to get that re-quote! To be continued....

Newest quote

So.. Yily requoted me 4500 usd.. For bbl as well as ba!! I'm thinking both would be awesome .. I'm way more excited and anxious than before! Still on that weight gaining challenge.. I need to take care of my passport like yesterday!! I'm all smiles tho!

Dr appt

Will take all my lab work 12/32/13!! Wish me luck!! Hemo**

I meant 31st


I'm good..no more weight gaining for me!! This is enough and was REALLY hard to do!

I lied...

I really wanted to wait until after my doctors appt to update, but I really think I lied about not gaining anymore weight. With my high ass metabolism it'd prob be in my best interest to continue and gain as much as I can between now&then

Doctors update

Hello ladies!! It's been a min... Since I did go to my doctors appt.. So I weighed in at ........ 158 lbs...!!! Which I'm super excited about!! However I didn't know that I had to schedule a pre-op appt instead of a regular doctors appt, so unfortunately I didn't get my bloodwork or tests done. A new date for evaluation has been scheduled for feb4. I'm gonna continue to gain weight I'm thinking about squatting to keep my ass plump, I'm thinking it can only be to my benefit, that and lifting (for my arms).. Gaining weight left them a little flabby... I'm def not about that life!!! Lmao... But yeah gaining was HARD to do!! I'm gassy, sleepy, slow and sluggish.... Just very different. I haven't been this big since I was pregnant and the biggest I ever got was about 165-170, so I'm def anxious to remove this pouch!!

Updated pic of my gain :)

Getting bigger

Updated info!!

Ok so.... Hemo checks out to be 13.5!!! Yes mamm!!! Weight gaining still..... New measurements. 36-34-41!!!!:)) I knew my ass was getting fat lol

Picture update


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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When is your date
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Feb 11
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Mine is feb 5, maybe I will see you there. What rh are you staying at
  • Reply
Daisys rh... Where will you be?
  • Reply
Daisys also, me and my cousin Yilyfeb2014 will be there so we can all chat :-)
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Good luck hun, squat is really but get a personal trainer to teach you the correct technique as a small mistake can complicate things...best of luck and i will be following your journey
  • Reply
Thanks girlie :)
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Best of luck to you babe :-)
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Thank you :)
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I wanted to go on Feb. 23 but my girlfriend could not we will go on April 1, I'll take my ticket this week to be sure to be sure she not change dates yet lollllll
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good luck I got a quote but I'm waiting for booking Yily between Dra Cabral
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Congrats on becoming a doll! When do you plan on going?
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Hey girl! I think U will be fine... Besides any booty is better than no booty... Lol me and u are about the same weight but my fat just stores all up in my stomach for the most part. I'm about 145-147 I'm always in that range ... Just like u I'm kinda of scared :-(
  • Reply
Thank you:) as will yourself! I'm very anxious! Have you chosen a rh house yet?
  • Reply
No have not chose a recovery house yet did u and which one did u choose?
  • Reply
I'm going with daisys rh.. They're prices sound good and they have monthly promotions
  • Reply
Ohh okay sounds good ima look them up thanks for the info
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LOL :) You are too cute!! I love your enthusiasm!! Yily was able to get all the fat she needed out of me to make my ass huge!! I'm sure she will do the same for you. Get your hemo UP!!!!
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Thank you.. Btw I love your review!! Your booty looks very nice. Tryna stay on top of my diet and at the same time consume iron rich foods. Would love to know any tips or know how's ..
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Congratulations hun yes you want ass on top of ass 48inches lol. Whoop whoop pull over that ass too phat. I'm excited for you can't wait to see your new donk. Try to eat a lot of oatmeal with coffee cake in it and noodles it sounds crazy but i call it prison. diet thats how they gain weight in prison lol. But u will get there best wishes hun xoxo
  • Reply
Thank you girl!! Yes I need yily to work some magic.. Prison diet!! Lol I was dying reading that.. I've heard about what they consume up in there, def about to give it a go !! Thanks:)
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girl give it a go its works everytime lol your welcome hun
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Awesome quote I'm seriously thinking of switching to her I booked with salama but hoping to hear back from yilly wishing you the best
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Thank you!! Congrats on becoming a doll yourself!! What day did u have in mind for sx?
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